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New Release Review: The Captain and the Prime Minister by Catherine Curzon & Eleanor Harkstead #Review #Giveaway

Title: The Captain and the Prime Minister
Authors: Catherine Curzon & Eleanor Harkstead
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Publication Date: March 3, 2020
Length: 224 pages 

Reviewed by Sammy


When a devoted prime minster has a second chance at romance, he discovers that love is love on Downing Street.
Captain Tom Southwell has swapped bullets for babies and works as a manny at one of the world's most famous addresses. Behind the doors of Downing Street, he cooks dinner, puts the children to bed and is the prime minister's best friend.
Alex Hart is the prime minister Great Britain's been dreaming of. He's dedicated, caring and has a conscience. He's also a widower with two small children. The last thing he can let himself do is fall in love with the manny who has held his family together.
When an old flame from Tom's past gets in touch, Tom's first instinct is to keep him at arm's length, but hell hath no fury like a yoga teacher scorned. As Alex fights to push a life-changing bill through Parliament, the tabloid vultures are circling. With rumors swirling about the prime minister and his gorgeous manny, every shark in Westminster senses blood.
Will Alex put love ahead of duty, or will the most important man in the country be the loneliest, too?

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Tom promised his good friend Gill to watch over her husband, Alex, and twin infants—to take care of them after she died and slowly over the four years since her death Alex and the children had become his family. Yes, some may think going from the occupation of a military man to a manny a bit of an odd change in careers but Tom know just how much his background in mustering troops came in handy with the busy lives of his best friend, the Prime Minister of England and his offspring. Theirs was a well-oiled machine and Tom loved every minute he spent with them. The only down side was the ridiculous crush Tom couldn’t seem to shake over his very straight employer and friend. When a friendly offer of a neck rub turns strangely erotic and then extremely awkward, Tom is worried that he has ruined everything by giving in to his fantasies and kissing Alex. Little does he know that Alex hides a bit of a secret about himself and also sports a definite crush for his manny as well.
The writing duo of Eleanor Harkstead and Catherin Curzon have launched the sixth installment in their Captivating Captains series called The Captain and the Prime Minister. When Alex’s wife and Tom’s best friend dies of cancer she left behind a grieving husband and two tiny infants. Tom stepped in and pulled them all through the difficult years and now four years later he was more than just a manny he was part of the family. But Tom knew that his secret longing to be more than just a friend to Alex could never see the light of day—not only because it would cause scandal for the Prime Minister just as he was trying to pass a major reform bill but also because it could mean the end of their idyllic partnership and Tom losing everything he loved.
When the two men finally come to that crossroad it is shocking yet not unwanted on Alex’s part. He would need time to come to terms with the fact that he had always pushed away his bisexuality but Tom was more than willing to give him that if only it meant they might have a future together.
The Captain and the Prime Minister is that quintessential romance trope complete with an almost old world feel to the courtship that takes place between Tom and Alex. Some might find this novel a bit slow in terms of Alex coming to feel comfortable in another man’s arms but before you think this is a gay for you trope know that it is established early on that Alex did indeed dally with men prior to marrying Gill. But that being so far in the past, plus the fact that he hadn’t been intimate with anyone since his wife’s death, means Alex needs to go slow—and that makes for the loveliest of romances. There is a touch of angst when an ex gets involved and rakes up the muck but that is quickly resolved. In many ways this novel might read as a fairy tale to some—it certainly all falls in to place with many positive outcomes and very little hardship for Tom and Alex. But I think those looking for a good old-fashioned friends to lovers story will be quite pleased with this latest offering by this talented writing duo.


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