Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Release Day Review: Smoke Dance by Samantha Cayto #Review #Giveaway

Title: Smoke Dance
Series: Alien Blood Wars #7 (Standalone)
Author: Samantha Cayto
Publisher: Pride Publishing 
Publication Date: January 7, 2020
Length: 262 pages

Reviewed by Truus


What lurks in the dark is not always a monster. Sometimes it’s your deepest desire.

Willem is a good drone, a consummate pilot and an obedient and deadly warrior. He has sat out the war with Dracul for many years, raising the only hybrid daughter among their kind. For years, he kept that information from the others, but when Will answered the call to arms, his secret came out. Yet there is one more secret that could change Earth forever. Because he is determined to both keep it and help bring the war to an end, he will not risk taking another lover. The problem is that he didn’t count on the irresistible temptation of the club’s sous chef.

Damien’s life has been hard. Coming out as gay left him homeless and desperate. If not for the kindness of the strange Stelalux family, he would have ended up living on the streets for years. He loves being a chef and would do anything for the family, now his friends. He didn’t plan on falling for one of them, however. The new and compelling Willem tests his resolve to not get involved with any man, and despite his best efforts, he finds himself lured into the man’s bed.

With new trouble brewing, Will has no choice except to turn to Damien for help. The human is willing to put himself at risk, not only out of gratitude, but also out his growing love for Will.

Reader advisory: This book has some violence and a gay conversion subplot. The book is best read as part of a series.

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Willem and Damien

At first sight you see a cook prepare breakfast for a large hungry family, all male except the little girl Annika. On the second you see the Stelalux alien vampire family with a daughter who is Queen Bee and sees and knows everything, her father, Willem, whose eyes follow Damien, the human sous chef, everywhere. When you’ve read more of this series, you’ll recognize Val and Mackie as master/slave, they are happy with a pregnancy, there is Emil, Alex and many more.

Damien was saved from the streets by Emil and works extra time to give Emil’s large family their meals. Damien is very attracted to Willem and thinks he doesn’t notice him. How wrong can he be?

With Dracul and his son Bran lurking just around the corner, the danger for the hive is near.

To get close to Bran and able to destroy him, the Stelalux family have to use a human and they ask Damien for help. He has to go back to the nightmare his family put him through. Everything in Damien wants to help dismantle Bran’s cover and the awful place where young boys get indoctrinated with horrible ideas.
Willem is so in love and afraid to lose Damien when he finds out about his real origin.

What a wonderful action-filled, entertaining book this was.
In the center of it all is Annika, wise, all-knowing, a girl, daughter, and queen.
She is like a hurricane’s eye, peaceful and kind, around her there is the fuss.
All the events around the Stelalux family are special, and there are a lot of things happening. The love story here is about Damien and Willem and gosh it’s so delightful to see them, their sexual encounters are hot, their connection is strong, the love between them, growing fast and steady. The whole story was excellently developed and flowingly written. Be aware to take note of all the different characters. Even though it's a series this can be read as a stand-alone. The series has a continuous story, but every installment has a different partnering.


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