Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Release Day Review: Sex Spells by Pelaam #Review #Giveaway

Title: Sex Spells
Series: The Devil's In The Details #1
Author: Pelaam
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Publication Date: January 21, 2020
Length: 165 pages

Reviewed by Sammy


Sex spells… Sometimes what they conjure can be deadly.

After being dumped by his latest boyfriend, Aiden lets a friend talk him into visiting a sex spells shop to get a spell or charm for good luck in love. The charm appears to work when he meets Lyall, the man of his dreams.

Garen, a special investigator of paranormal activity, is called in when a victim is found burned to death in his bed. With the help of his husband Luke, he looks for the link between subsequent victims to discover how to stop the demonic power that’s killing them.

When they find the link is Aiden, who is being used by a practitioner of the dark arts to conjure a demon of fire, it becomes a race against time to save him from becoming the final victim and thereby unleashing one of the most powerful fire demons ever known.

While Luke must try to protect Aiden and Lyall from a demonic force, Garen must face the demon’s summoner.

Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of violence, descriptions of corpses and some homophobia from a minor character.


Aiden has had no luck in finding love—his latest boyfriend dumped him via text and Aiden angry and hurt—cursing his inability to hang on to love.  His friend, Farrah, has a crazy idea—go to a new shop where spells and charms were sold giving a person more luck at finding and keeping love. On their first visit there’s something not quite right about the shop that makes Aiden uneasy but after giving it some thought Aiden returns alone and gets a charm. When he and Farrah go out for a night on the town so Aiden can test out the charm he meets Lyall, a gorgeous man who is definitely interested in getting to know Aiden a whole lot better.

Across town Garen, a special investigator of paranormal activity, and his husband Luke are called in to investigate a murder—a man found burned to death in his bed. A month later another death occurs and Luke is sure that someone is trying to summon a fire demon and must be stopped. Somehow Garen and Luke must find the connections between the murders and figure out how to stop the person behind the conjuring. A link is discovered and it involves Aiden—now they must all work as a team to save Aiden’s life and send the demon back to hell.

Sex Spells by Pelaam marks the beginning of a new series by the author and introduces us to the duo of Garen and Luke who will no doubt be featured in the subsequent books. This was a very fast paced novella—one that I hope will end up seeing some serious expansion as the series continues. I was really intrigued by how connected Garen and Luke were and their ability to find and fight the supernatural. However, there was such limited information on either man and very little in the way of world building so it felt as though we were dropped down into a place where we had little idea of what exactly was going on.

Because the relationship between Garen and Luke was so strong I really found myself eager to know more about how they met and what exactly they had in terms of psychic powers. Aiden and Lyall were really more secondary characters for me even though it was their love story and Aiden’s mortal danger that was the focus of the novella. Sex Spells was a good story—it had some exciting moments and great energy. I do hope that more backstory will be forthcoming on Garen and Luke as we watch new adventures unfold for them.


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