Thursday, January 2, 2020

Diverse Reader: 2020

A new year and a new decade has begun. 2019 had it's ups and downs and romancelandia has had it's share of fires. The LGBTQA+ will persevere because we always do. I try to take a moment at the beginning of every new year to wash away the negativity of the year before. Start new, be true to myself, and follow that moral compass. Sure, it's not always going in the same direction as other people's but the earth is round and I feel that when we go different ways we will eventually meet back up again.

Diverse Reader had an exciting year. So many books, guest posts, tours, reviews, promotional posts, cover reveals, and giveaways. We took on a new reviewer at the beginning of 2019 (Sammy) and at the end of 2019 we bid farewell to another (Racheal) It's all about balance, right? In 2020 we are greeting another new reviewer Nikki into the fold and are excited to read her thoughts on the books that are submitted to us.

New things happening on the blog: Every three months a new form will go up for authors to sign up to do a guest post on the blog. I still have the January-March one up though January and  most of February are filled at this time. Toward the end of March a new one will go up. You can find that form here:

Also, I will be changing the information on the contact tab as well to make it easier for authors to submit books to the blog. There will be another form if you'd like to do something else on the blog other than a review. This should be going up next week sometime.

Information about advertising on Diverse Reader is under the advertising tab on the page. There is no availability in tier one for the year as it's been booked up. But the other tiers have some availability so if you're interested be sure to check it out.

I hope 2020 will be an wonderful year for us all. I wish everyone happiness, health, and all the books!

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