Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Random Review: Lord of Thundertown by O.F. Cieri #Review #Giveaway

Title: Lord of Thundertown
Author: O.F. Cieri
Publisher: Ninestar Press
Publication date: January 6, 2020
Length: 64800 words

Reviewed by Truus


In the movies, Thundertown was depicted like a real town, with boundaries, Folk-run businesses, and a government. In real life, Thundertown was a block here or there, three businesses on the same side of the street, an unconnected sewer main, or a single abandoned building.

When an epidemic of missing person cases is on the rise, the police refuse to act. Instead, Alex Delatorre goes to Thundertown for answers and finds clues leading to a new Lord trying to unite the population.

No one has seen the Lord, and the closer Alex gets to him, the farther Alex gets from his path home.

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Sam disappeared for two weeks. Then suddenly she is back with a strange explanation. She was kept in Thundertown, a former lime mine, a space under the city of New York.
There are others left behind. She wants to find them. Together with her friends Alex and Nails, she heads over to the Senator.
When they, at first, get no help from the Senator, they go to Manhattan to the Thundertown for themselves to find out what happened.

The three of them are going down in the mine. The gates are closed. When they get through, they enter a whole (different) world living parallel to the world above. A man called the Kijkaan has mountains of files with names of missing persons.

Back at Senator Loisaida office, strange things are happening and in a blink Nails is gone.
The senator tries to get in touch with the Lord of Thunderworld. Strange creatures are living in the Thundertown.

Oh boy this happened not often, I think never before, but I had big trouble engaging with this story, I had the feeling things just fell out of the sky from nowhere and I didn’t understand all the time what was going on and what I was looking at. I also was relieved I had a definition app on my kindle, without that I would be even more lost.
While reading I tried to focus on and follow the big picture to understand some, but I failed. There was a lot to take in, a lot of secondary storytelling and characters. It was full of fantasy, sci-fi-ish, mythological creatures, in confusing environments. It didn’t make sense at all. Not one of the characters/creatures were engaging, so I could not connect at all.

I’m not sure why this is qualified as lgbtq, there isn’t anything in this story that directs to the community except at 80% where someone was named a lesbian and on the same page the word ‘gay hobo’ was named. Nothing hints in any lgbtq direction to qualify that. Also don’t expect any kind of romance because there isn’t any.

I’m sorry to say I didn’t enjoy this story and wouldn’t recommend it.


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