Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Release Day Review: A Dom and His Gentleman by Xenia Melzer #Review #Giveaway

Title: A Dom and His Gentleman 
Series: Club Whisper #4
Author: Xenia Melzer
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Aaron Anderson
Publication Date: June 25, 2019
Length: 200 pages 

Reviewed by Sammy


Silver fox Curtis is everything baker Andrew could want in a sub, and their chemistry is off the charts. But as a wealthy and successful gallery owner, Curtis intimidates Andrew and challenges his dominant nature. Can Andrew get used to a sub with a much higher social status?

British noble Curtis Morris has all but given up on finding his perfect Dom when he walks into a bakery and meets Andrew Granger—smoldering hot, new to Miami, into the lifestyle, and with kinks that align perfectly with Curtis’s own.

Andrew grew up poor and doesn’t know if he can handle a sub with so much more money, even if he’s insanely attracted to Curtis. To make matters worse, Curtis’s preferred club, Whisper, is far beyond Andrew’s financial means. Still, Andrew doesn’t want to lose Curtis to his own hang-ups, not when Curtis is far from the elitist snob Andrew expected. But Andrew keeps messing up, and with Curtis’s rich ex visiting with the hopes of winning him back, he and Curtis will need all the help they can get to make their romance of opposites work out.

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When Andrew, who was new in town, went looking for a club to attend he ruled out Whispers which he felt catered to only the rich and snobbish. So when a customer appeared in his bakery and Andrew got up the courage to ask him out, he was surprised to find that the guy was not only wealthy but a part of the Whispers scene—two automatic black marks—hence, the date was a disaster. But Andrew couldn’t get Curtis out of his mind and set out to woo him back. Now the two men must learn to put aside their prejudices and see if they can make a relationship work.

I must in all honesty begin this review by saying that I really love BDSM novels and have read more than my fair share so I was excited to read the next installment in Xenia Melzers’ BDSM series. Having said that, I can tell you that while this novel had some fine moments I felt that the relationship between Andrew and Curtis lacked something. That indefinable spark that occurs between couples who just seem perfect for each other never seemed to happen. Instead I felt as though theirs was a partnership of compromises with Andrew taking on the lion share of changing in order to live up to Curtis and his bevy of rather snobbish friends—except for Collin.

Perhaps I feel this way because the author spent to much time having Andrew focus on Curtis’ wealth and status and fretting over his own lack of both. Or perhaps it was because while Andrew was all about adjusting his thinking and his own ingrained prejudices about the wealthy, Curtis seemed to do little more than complain to his friends who either offered to beat up Andrew or suggested he be left in the dust and never interacted with again. Whatever the cause, this novel felt incredibly lopsided to me—with very little chemistry between Curtis and Andrew to enjoy and a lot of useless angst over who had the upper hand in their dom/sub relationship due to the sub being extraordinarily wealthy and nobility to boot.

I did appreciate how the author took the time with Andrew to have him show obvious growth and a gradual shift in his thinking. His character seemed to be the most interesting to me apart from Collin who I think was just adorable. Some may have a bit of trouble with Collin’s stream of conscious speaking style but I found it genuinely amusing and endearing. I felt the rest of the group came off as rather catty and I didn’t think that was in keeping with their established characters from previous novels but perhaps this was the author’s way of showing solidarity amongst the subs.

A Dom and his Gentleman, the fourth in the Club Whisper series by Xenia Melzer, was a nice story with some real issues that I felt should have been resolved before it came to press. I liked how the two men approached their relationship with care and paid particular attention to being on the same page when it came to consensual acts and how to play out scenes together. But the lack of connection between the main characters and the hovering presence of the side characters in Curtis’ life derailed the story for me far too often.


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