Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Release Day Review: Fake Dating The Prince by Ashlyn Kane #Review #Giveaway

Title: Fake Dating The Prince 
Author: Ashlyn Kane 
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press 
Cover Artist: Alexandria Corza
Publication date: June 18, 2019
Length: 210 pages

Reviewed by Sammy


A royal deception. An accidental romance.

When fast-living flight attendant Brayden Wood agrees to accompany a first-class passenger to a swanky charity ball, he discovers his date—“Call me Flip”—is actually His Royal Highness Prince Antoine-Philipe. And he wants Brayden to pretend to be his boyfriend.

Being Europe’s only prince of Indian descent—and its only openly gay one—has led Flip to select “appropriate” men first and worry about attraction later. Still, flirty, irreverent Brayden captivates him right away, and Flip needs a date to survive the ball without being match-made.

Before Flip can pursue Brayden in earnest, the paparazzi forces his hand, and the charade is extended for the remainder of Brayden’s vacation.

Posh, gorgeous, thoughtful Prince Flip is way out of Brayden’s league. If Brayden survives three weeks of platonically sharing a bed with him during the romantic holiday season, going home afterward might break his heart….

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Brayden has served the cute first class passenger who is a frequent flyer for quite some time now and knows him so well he even slips him the contraband peanuts on the flights they share. Easygoing and cute to boot, Brayden is unattached and loving the life he gets to live despite not always loving his job as a flight attendant. When the man who goes by the name. Flip, looks a bit upset Brayden does his best to cajole him into a good mood with some light flirting and a listening ear. Then Flip springs a request on Brayden that far exceeds the extra odd bag of peanuts—accompany him to a charity ball and pretend to be his boyfriend. With little to do on his three week vacation Brayden agrees, thinking this will be a neat way to see the country Flip is from and somewhere Brayden has never been. Little does he know that Flip is actually the crown prince of that country and Brayden is about to step into a life he has never experienced before—one that will leave him enlightened and possibly, in love.

Ashlyn Kane offers up a romantic comedy complete with a magical prince in her latest release, Fake Dating the Prince. It’s a whirlwind insta-love novel that manages to be wholly believable despite the two main characters falling head over heels in just a few weeks’ time. I think the supporting cast of Flip’s parents and Clara, his cousin, have a lot to do with the story making me feel like these two guys have dated far longer than they actually have. They were so warm and inviting toward Brayden that it just felt so relaxed and easy. There’s no doubt about it Fake Dating the Prince was one of those light reads with little angst, amusing and captivating characters and just the right pacing to keep me happily enthralled with the simple plot line. While I say simple please don’t get the idea that this wasn’t very enjoyable to read—on the contrary, I not only flew through this book, I also was completely smitten with both Brayden and Flip.

Their short romance seemed so much longer primarily because the author wisely chose to not have them jump into bed right away.  Instead, their physical attraction had a genuine slow burn feel to it and their chemistry was more than sufficiently brewing before it boiled over. I also enjoyed how Flip was often caught up in being the diplomat he was born to be even when trying to tell Brayden how much he cared for him. The way he often fell back into the stilted language of his position made him a very vulnerable character and increased the affection I felt for him. But it was Brayden who undoubtedly became the star of the novel—genuine and kind hearted, he stole every scene he was in. Honestly there was little not to like about this novel and I think those looking for a sweet romance that has little angst but is long on feeling will really enjoy Fake Dating the Prince.


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