Friday, February 3, 2017

Blog Tour: Ninia Sebae by Adile Lamb #Review

Title: NINIA SEBAE (According to Lore Book 1)
Author: Lily Adile Lamb
Genre: Fantasy, FF, Lesbian, Romance
Length: 69 Pages
Angela’s parents died in horrific circumstances a few years ago, about the time she had last seen her childhood home—a quaint, old cottage situated deep in the woods that holds many secrets.

Angela’s return to the cottage in the mysterious woods intends to be a once in a lifetime opportunity for her to ease back into a time that held an easier and simpler life. Yet, in her slumber, she dreams of a woman with flaming red hair. Baffled yet intrigued, Angela wonders who the woman is she dreams about.
After a chance encounter with a stranger who ironically resembles the woman in her dreams, Angela’s life changes forever as she learns more about herself and the woods surrounding the quaint cottage that has a set of secrets all its own.


I actually don't read a lot of lesbian fiction. So every now and again one is submitted that really catches my eye and Ninia Sebae by Adile Lamb was one of them.
First I want to compliment the cover artist. This is a gorgeous cover. It speaks of the beauty, lore, and general feel that this book brings to the reader. Lovely.
This is a novella and not a log one. It's a quick and very enjoyable read. It's a gorgeous story and quite emotional for its length. Usually it takes me a good amount of time to fall insot the emotion of a book but this one really crept up fast.
I also loved how imaginative the author got. There's "magic" for lack of a better word, as Angela is forced to go back to her past and deal with it.
I was surprised how much story was able to be told in 70 pages. This is really mystical, creative, and well written. Good start to this series.


Lily is from Turkey. She works as a nurse by day and writes LGBT Romance by night. She visits her family in Turkey regularly and travel to other countries like Singapore to visit the other family members.She is blessed with three grown up children and a furry child, JJ Basil.

Lily focus in her LGBT stories are on mere mortals because she believes that love is universal. Her mortal heroes are not rich, famous or incredibly handsome males with six pack bodies… rather they are just everyday men who work hard and deal with whatever that life throws at them.

She  is against bullying in any form. She is actively involved with Marriage Equality and stands by the same sex couples who want to have children. She believes that primarily, a child needs a loving, protective home.Lily’s biggest regret is not studying English formally because writing stories, consequentially, takes much longer. She still gets there of course, thanks to her bevy of loyal and supportive beta readers, editors and wonderful friends.
Lily especially thanks her husband with all her heart for his endless patience, love and support. He is the love of her life and apple of her eye….he is the home she goes to at the end of a hard day at work.
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