Monday, February 6, 2017

Release Day Review: Wolfmanny by Julia Talbot #Review #Giveaway

Author: Julia Talbot
Book: Wolfmanny
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publication date: February 6, 2017
Cover artist: Christine Griffin
Length: 216 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


Three hot werewolves, sexual tension thick enough to cut with a knife, an impending Colorado winter, and a rambunctious pack of werewolf pups. Stand back and watch the fur fly.

When Kenneth Marcon loses his nanny to a bite from one of his inherited kids, he knows he needs someone strong to contain five werewolf children. What he finds isn’t a stalwart nanny, but a werewolf manny named Jack. Kenneth and his assistant, Miles, aren’t sure if Jack is what they need, but he’s what they have to work with.

Jack’s got what it takes to keep the kids busy—and attract both Miles’s and Kenneth’s attention. The two old friends have been circling each other for years, but with Jack as the final piece to the puzzle, it’s time to finally act on those urges. When Kenneth is forced to travel instead of solidifying the bond with his new mates, Jack and Miles take desperate measures to get him back, even as they save the kids from one disaster after another. Amidst the chaos, they have to learn how to become not just a pack, but a family.

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There are all types of shifter books out there. Some are fierce, angsty, and dramatic. Others are warm, family based, fluffy, and no angst. That is where Wolfmanny falls into. There is no angst at all. It’s strictly a fluffy, fun, family read.

There are a massive amount of characters in this book. Kenneth is the alpha of this pack. He’s a billionaire and takes care of his sister’s pups after she died. Miles is the beta and best friend turned mate, Jack is the Manny and he also is the mate. It’s a ménage shifter story. Then you have Mrs. Horn, Nadine, Monie, Jim and Jo, Ginny, Thomas…. The list goes on and on. Was it bad or confusing? A little confusing but not bad. 

Secondary characters are vital in a book. They are the voices to shift the story and help flesh out the main characters. This story is told in Miles, Kenneth, and Jack’s POV. Multiple point of views with well over 10+ characters did mix me up a little.

I did absolutely love the warmth of the story and I adore dialog in books and this one had a lot of dialog. Some love that some don’t, I do. There’s a certain amount of awesomeness to a story where money is never an issue. The kids want for nothing and you get all giddy when they have Christmas and it’s so loving and huge. This pack was all about the love and praise.

Everything about Wolfmanny is designed to make you feel good. To make you smile and to have zero stress. So if you want fluffy family fun this is a great one to read.


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