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Random Review: The Escort by Jeff Erno #Review #Giveaway

Author: Jeff Erno
Book: The Escort
Publisher: Sea to Sky Books
Publication date: January 30, 2017
Length: 60,513 words

Reviewed by Meredith


At twenty-five, Travis Sheppard knows all about taking care of himself. He’s been on his own since the age of seventeen, and he learned long ago how to use his assets and natural-born talent to get what he needs…and wants. Travis is a hustler, a male escort, and he caters to men of means who like to shower him with gifts and cash in exchange for his affection—sometimes for his mere presence.

When Travis accepts an overnight gig with a new client, he’s surprised by the fact the customer has pre-paid. When Travis arrives at the gentleman’s surprisingly modest home, he learns that his client is an accomplished, best-selling author. Darren, otherwise known as DJ Torrent, makes Travis a proposal. He wants Travis to accompany him to a gay literature conference. The catch is that for their five days together, Travis is to be more to Darren than just his escort. Darren wants Travis to pose as his husband.

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Shockingly this is the first Jeff Erno book I’ve read! I know! Also, having never been to GRL or really any retreat for the LGBTQ community other than Rainbow Book Fair this book was quite eye opening.

The concept of this book was what caught my eye a great deal. I love the whole man (Darren) hires an escort (Travis) to pretend to be his husband to go to GRR. You KNOW they are going to be found out but you can’t place how. So you read and you meet smarmy people, drama queens, gossipy loons and all the while you’re trying figure out who is going to be the one to break up this happy couple. 

Of course while all that's happening Darren and Travis are getting closer and closer. And it’s all building really well. Darren and Travis both have the same heartache…. If only they would communicate; but in all honesty minus that little miscommunication they really faced each problem head on. They were a united front.

Now, like I said I never attended any of these retreats and from a person lacking those experiences I had a few thoughts run through my head:

“Oh god is everyone so gossipy?”
“Sweet Jesus, why are all these women so grabby?”
“I don’t think I ever want to go to this.”
“Oh Jan and Lou are amazeballs!”
“Cock walk?”

So, yeah, I had thoughts LOL. It was very entertaining that’s for sure. Like a soap opera kind of. So I road that ride!

There’s a serious side to all of this though. In this genre, like many, there’s backstabbers and hurtful people. There’s also lifelong friends and amazing memories. I loved Travis and Darren together and what each of them did for each other. This is a love story. And it’s lovely!


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