Monday, February 27, 2017

Release Day Review: Black Market Blood by Francis Gideon #Review #Giveaway

Author: Francis Gideon
Book: Black Market Blood
Series: New Canadiana #2
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publication date: February 27, 2017
Cover Artist: AngstyG
Length: 330 pages

Reviewed by Morningstar


In a world where monsters are known to—and despised by—humanity, vampire Chaz Solomon hides in plain sight as a detective on the Toronto police force. But freedom from prejudice does nothing to alleviate his guilt over the lover he betrayed to gain his label of “normal.” He spends his days living a lie and his nights in a brothel, seeking company and black-market blood.

When a serial killer preying on both vampires and sex workers leads Chaz and his department on a twisted chase through New Canadiana’s supernatural underground, one of the brothel employees, Sully, becomes the only person Chaz can trust. There’s much more to Sully than a pretty face, and he’s slowly breaching the walls around Chaz’s heart with his intelligence and kind nature.

But as the body count rises and conspiracies come to light, the past Chaz has been trying to escape comes rushing back. Sully might accept Chaz as a vampire, but will he forgive Chaz’s other deceptions? And what will become of Chaz’s life if his secret is revealed? Before he can worry about a future with Sully, he’ll have to find the vengeful murderer threatening everything he cares about.

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Murder mysteries are some of my favorite things to read, add in the fact that this takes place in a world that is filled with the supernatural and I was excited to read it. And for a bonus it was first time reading this author.

Chaz (aka Chip) is a vampire that must hide that fact since, in this world, supernaturals- or those otherwise known as “monsters”- are not allowed to have jobs in law enforcement. They really aren’t seen to have the same rights as humans. His new case hits close to home and one that has many twists and turns; making difficult to figure out who the killer really is. The author did a fantastic job on keeping me on the edge of my seat, trying to see all the clues that were given to come up with the answer. Although I did suspect who it was I was not certain most of the way through the story. A sign of someone who is great writing mysteries since hiding it completely is super hard to do most times.

In order to feed, Chaz needs to go to a private club that caters to all supernaturals and humans for blood and sex. It’s here he meets Sully, a sex worker, that becomes much more than that to him. I personally loved both characters; but didn’t fully feel that they had a connection. The beginning part of their relationship felt stilted and for me I didn’t feel the chemistry between them. I’m not sure what it was since the writing was great so it truly could just be me. Sully was never in a place of wanting since he was content and happy in the life he led. He may have been forced to become a sex worker, but he finally found a place to call home and a job that he was good at. But he felt a connection that he typically doesn’t feel for his clients, and as much as he knows he should walk away, he just cannot bring himself to do it.

Danger and intrigue is the name of the game in this story. It was interesting and fun to read especially adding, that if Chaz doesn’t figure out who the real killer is he may be framed for all of them and soon. Great story that held my attention, an atmospheric world created that was descriptive and grounded all at the same time. 


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