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Saturday Author Spotlight: Betty Shreffler #Interview #Giveaway

Another Saturday is here and another amazing author is gracing us with her presence. Betty Shreffler is sitting with us today talking about herself, her books, and what's coming next year for her. She's written The Covenant Series, and she has a new book coming in January of next year called When Hunter Meets Seeker! Very exciting! Enjoy the look into her books, the interview, and the giveaway at the end!

Kayci Pierce possesses strength, endurance, and accelerated healing that set her apart from normal humans—traits she's never understood and kept hidden since childhood. She feels disconnected from the seemingly normal world around her—until she's attacked by a creature she didn't know exists and then rescued by a stranger she can't forget. Dreams of the attractive, dangerous man haunt her and lead her into a world she was born for.

Adrian Spade spends most of his solitary nights hunting rogue vampires for the Covenant, until an undeniable attraction leads him to reveal his vampire identity and risk his life by saving Kayci's. Tempted by her mysterious nature, Adrian finds himself drawn to Kayci and becomes her protector while she discovers her heritage and what it means to be a half-breed vampire sorceress.

Kayci's relationship with Adrian brings her as much passion as it does danger. Now with a vampire revolution beginning and a romantic connection to a full-blood vampire, Kayci must work with Adrian to survive surrounding threats. As Kayci tries to make sense of an unfamiliar world, she's forced to choose between the life she's always known and her vampire birthright.

The war is over. The rogue vampires dispatched. As a full-blood vampire and sorceress, Kayci Pierce finally feels safe. Her focus now set on how to run the Covenant and best protect her species. The next-in-line, Lycan clan leader shares Kayci’s vision—but his captivating and sexy brother, Cassius McCabe is a distraction Kayci can't afford.

New threats surround Kayci as she navigates unfamiliar territory and feelings she can't hide. Will temptations destroy her and everything she's worked for, or will love be enough to pull her back from the edge?

One man will fight to keep her love while the other will do whatever it takes to win it...

Devotion keeps Kayci longing for Adrian's return. Dark magic is the only way to free him and its cruel seduction has captured Kayci in its embrace. Cassius, unwilling to lose the one thing he's longed for—his mate, fights for Kayci's heart and saves her from her biggest threat… herself.

Pulled between unrestrainable desire for Cassius and her devotion to Adrian, leaves Kayci suffering from the worst battle she's ever encountered…the one for her heart.


Thank you, Betty, for being here today and for being my spotlight author. It’s exciting to have you here. Having never talked with you before it’s a great treat to have you here and to get to know you a little better.  Let’s begin…

Tell us the moment you knew you wanted to write books?

About 12 years old, after finishing my first book, which was a children’s book. Within the same year I wrote my first short story and it never stopped after that. Through High School I wrote poetry and short stories as an emotional and creative outlet. The character voices and story plots grew over time. I realized publishing was a reality after instructors told me I had true talent. Then I met a co-worker who had her first book published and the notion of getting my books out to readers became a reality.

You’re an outdoorsy person. Where are some of you favorite place to go and feel at peace?

In the woods, mountains and the beach. Anytime I’m stuck on where the plot is going next I take a long walk in the woods and get lost in my own head for a few hours. I carry a GPS to make sure I don’t get too lost. :) Being in the woods seems to wake up the characters. The peaceful, quiet environment without distractions gives my creativity a chance to reboot.

Has your photography ever been the reason a plot bunny has formed?

Yes, in my newest book, When Hunter Meets Seeker, releasing January 19th a romantic scene in the book was inspired by my experience with photography. It’s one of my most favorites scenes in the story.

Your Covenant Series is paranormal. You gravitate toward that genre. If you didn’t write paranormal what do you think you’d write?

So far the books I have released are paranormal romance and suspense, but I also write contemporary romance. I have my first contemporary romance, Fire on the Farm, releasing in March 2017. It’s a heartbreakingly beautiful story with a deliciously hot cowboy. My current WIP is an MC romance. As readers get to know me they discover every one of my books is different. It’s unpredictable as to what story will take shape next. I enjoy writing in a variety of genres and offering that variety to my readers.

Is there a topic/area you’d never write about? Too taboo or risky?

Yes, there are a few. There are some topics/areas that I find unappealing and therefore they wouldn’t make it into my stories. I won’t say what topics, because to each is their own and I don’t judge those that do like those topics in the stories they read.

Do you have writing inspirations?

I grew up reading Anne Rice, Nora Roberts and Catherine Coulter, so there’s no doubt that they influenced me in some way or another. I don’t have a particular inspiration to write other than an extreme desire to get the voices and stories out of my head and onto paperbacks/kindles so others can experience those same stories. I feel like I’m constantly watching movies in my head and it’s no fun watching them alone. I need to share them. :)

If you could co-author with anyone who’d you love to work with?

I wouldn’t mind co-authoring with a close friend and fellow author, Jane Anthony. Even though our writing styles are different we understand one another’s styles, often bounce ideas off one another and I know we’d have fun taking turns writing chapters or writing different characters’ point of views. We have a good understanding of how each other thinks as writers.

Can you tell us what you’re currently working on?

I am currently working on an edgy and steamy MC Romance called, Castle of Kings. I have a rough draft of the synopsis, really rough and unpolished and will no doubt go through many changes, but it gives you an idea of what it is about.

Castle of Kings:
After returning from nursing school, Liz Wilson is welcomed back into her brother, Nix’s MC club with open arms. Her brother, Nix is now the president of the Kings 313 motorcycle club she spent her younger years growing up around. Her Uncle Dallas who raised, both her and Nix, left everything to Nix; the club, the bar and the motorcycle shop. One of the respected members, Jake Castle, is a playboy Nix warns her to avoid, but from the moment Jake sets eyes on Liz, he wants to claim her for himself. Because of Nix’s warning, Liz turns Jake down. Her refusal only causes Jake to push harder to have her. Nix and Jake have a secret from their past that Nix chose to hide from everyone; his brothers and most of all, Liz. Just when Liz starts to fall for Jake, and see a side of him that he’s never shown another woman, Nix reveals why Liz never should’ve fallen for Jake. But nothing stops Jake Castle from getting what he wants and Liz Wilson is exactly what he wants. 

How can your fans follow your work? Website, FB, Twitter?

Lots of ways! The best place to hang out with me and get exclusive content is in my Private Readers’ Group; All Things Romance.
To find out when a book releases join my readers’ group, fill out my no-spam Bookmail or follow me on Amazon.
Other ways to connect:

With the year coming to an end what are you most looking forward to in 2017?

Releasing my next two books; When Hunter Meets Seeker and Fire on the Farm, as well as finishing Castle of Kings and attending a few books signing events. I absolutely LOVE to connect with readers in person when I can.

Fast Fire Questions:

Beer or wine? Wine!! I’m a big wino. Muscadine is my favorite.
Coffee or tea? Tea; specifically green tea with lemon and honey
Favorite holiday? Thanksgiving. I love getting together with the family around great food and games.
Favorite flower? Gardenia, calla lily, carnation
Morning or night? Night!! I am a night owl, up into the wee hours of the morn writing.
Best comfort food? (Crockpot cooked) beef pot-roast, potatoes and veggies.
Camping or hiking? Hiking...I hike a lot.
Favorite color? Green and orange.

Okay, Betty. Thank you so so much! I look forward to seeing what you write next!


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