Monday, December 19, 2016

Release Day Review: A Bond of Truth by K.C. Wells #Review #Giveaway

Author: K.C. Wells
Book: A Bond of Truth
Series: Sensual Bonds #2
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publication date: December 19, 2016
Length: 319 pages

Reviewed by Morningstar


It is twenty years since the Bond of Three returned to Teruna. The kingdom of Kandor, once Teruna’s enemy, seeks help and sends its finest warrior, Dainon, on a diplomatic mission. A solitary man since his wife and child died, Dainon is unable to explain why an encounter with a young man on a beach rocks his world to its core.

Prince Arrio of Teruna has always been attracted to men but has never acted on it—until he meets Dainon. Headstrong Arrio goes after what he wants, despite his fathers’ advice. But when Prince Kei arrives unexpectedly, Arrio finds himself drawn to both men. Is history repeating itself?

Prince Kei has his first taste of freedom and is shocked when the visions that have plagued him since childhood become reality. The three men embark on a voyage of discovery. No one has foreseen the day, however, when the arrival of a stranger threatens to destroy their bond.

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I absolutely adored A Bond of Three so when I heard there was a book 2 planned I was over the moon.  A Bond of Truth is one of those high fantasy stories that I love with all my heart. There is new worlds to discover, magic to be exposed, fates to be determined, and evil to be vanquished. With this story we are met with sweet romance, the slow build of a complicated love, and a mix of innocence and heat!

While there is nothing wrong with evil and danger lurking in every corner sometimes we need a reprieve from that to watch three men come together in a love story taking the front focus and danger a back seat. Watching Dainon discover new things about himself after such a great loss in his life was nearly heartbreaking as it was joyful. Kei finally spreading his wings out from under the watchful gaze of his overprotective mother, the Queen of Vancor, to find his place and men who saw him as their equal was awesome and inspiring. To see Arrio the adopted son of King Tanish, Prince Sorran, and Prince Feyar, find the men who can handle his blunt ways and forceful nature was funny and gave my heart a little jolt of joy.

The world that K.C. Wells created in A Bond of Three was kept up well in this book. The lands of Terruna, Vancor, and Kandor, buildings, and people were brought to life with such detail to was fantastic to see. The gifts that Arrio and Kei had were described in such a way that each seem to hold an emotion instead of just a physical feeling. I could feel Dainon’s awe in everything he discovered in Terruna from the gifts of some of the people, to the awe inspiring beauty of the lands, to the love between Tanish, Feyar, and Sorran when he never knew such things existed.

The evil that invaded the love of these three men was easily seen as such from the get go, as I am sure the author intended, was not one that was hard to get past but one that had some lasting repercussions once it was over. It was a realistic obstacle to me since the way these men lived their lives was as though nothing could touch them since they had all these gifts and no enemies. I think they’ve all learned that lesson!

I’ve always enjoyed K.C. Wells writing style and she did not disappoint with this one! Maybe we will see more from this world? I can only hope.


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  1. This series sounds like one I'd enjoy! (To answer your question, I'm still hoping for the release of Damon Suede's HARD HEAD...)


  2. I'm moving, so anything I have in my iPad is good for me. I'll be too tired to read for long periods like I love doing.
    Happy Holidays!