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Random Reviews... Love Keeps Giving by Casey Cameron #Review #Giveaway

Author: Casey Cameron
Book: Love Keeps Giving
Self Published
Publication date: December 6, 2016
Length: 170 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


"How much longer is rock bottom supposed to last?"

Broke and overstressed, Orlando is doing everything he can to get his life and mental health back on track--and score a date with shy-but-sexy Geoff before the new year. But when the biggest mistake of Orlando's life reappears on his doorstep with the daughter he never knew he had, he has to drop his plans of romance and focus on what's important: the eight-month-old baby now depending on him.

"It's not every day someone has to learn to be a dad literally overnight."

But Geoff isn't giving up on that date he was promised, baby or no baby, and his adorably dorky charm is enough to sweep Orlando off his feet. Geoff seems too good to be true--patient, generous, smart, funny...he even adores the baby who's suddenly become the center of Orlando's world, and his sure and steady hand helps ease the new dad through the panic-inducing trials of parenthood. All that can't come without a catch.

"Nothing good ever happens this fast."

Even as their lives intertwine, Orlando is convinced Geoff is way out of his league, and Geoff has his own reservations. Falling too hard, too fast is a recipe for disaster, but neither man can help getting a little carried away. If they want to truly turn their ragtag group into a family, both of them will have to face their insecurities in this sweet and steamy holiday romance.


I admit I cried reading this. But I also laughed a lot too. Told in Orlando Harris’s POV, this Christmas story really touches your heart. I think the fact that Orlando is such a relatable character really made reading this story more personal. 

We’ve all struggled. Some more than others. Orlando has a rough go at life; and when he not only suddenly finds out he’s a dad, but also is given full custody of her…. He really freaks. But, I think what got me most of all was how amazingly he handled the life he was given. It’s a hard life but it’s his and he owns it so beautifully.

Geoff is also a bit of a mess, but he’s also the kindest, most generous, lovely person. And he’s perfect for Orlando and Noelle’s life. No one is perfect, life is not easy, but if you have a partner willing to stumble along it with you, then you’re winning. That is what I took away from this story.

There were times in the book that I felt situations were being rushed; but even the characters would say, “I know this is fast but…” So it wasn’t going unnoticed and for that, it didn’t irritate me. I’d like to see Geoff maybe go into some counseling; I think he could use some lol. He’s delightful though and sometimes recognizing your issues can help rectify them.

This is a sweet holiday read, a “life is a struggle but miracles are real” story. So you should read this to feel the warmth!


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  1. Thank you for the review. It is just how I experienced the book. I loved it. So sweet.

  2. YAY! Already had in the tbr list, now going to the top!!