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Release Day Review: Warders Volume One by Mary Calmes #Review #Giveaway

Author: Mary Calmes
Book: Warders Volume One
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publication date: December 28, 2016
Length: 326 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


Most humans live in blissful ignorance, never dreaming of the frightening surprises and paranormal danger that lurks in the night. Most... but not all. These few who stand against the darkness are the Warders, men who fight demons and square off against all kinds of creatures from the pit with only their brothers-in-arms and their lovers-their Hearths-to strengthen them in the unending battle of good versus evil.

Note: Contains books #1-3 in the Warders series. His Hearth (July 2010), Tooth & Nail (November 2010), Heart in Hand (May 2011) were previously published individually in eBook format by Dreamspinner Press.

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His Hearth (book 1)

This is book 1 in Mary Calmes Warder Series. I wanted to try it out and see how it was. I found it to be pretty adorable actually. It was more a novella than a full length book but she packs quite a bit in that space. I really loved Julian and Cash’s friendship immensely. I loved how Cash was important to Julian and that Cash got Julian’s nerdness lol. So when Julian comes face to face with Ryan (The Warder) and pretty much they have insta love, Julian needed to know that Cash and Phoebe (Cash’s wife) loved Ryan. That was my favorite part of this story. Protection. Not from the evil demon spirits Ryan tries to rid the world of, the protection Cash and Julian provide for each other and Ryan loves the whole thing.
It’s a fun read and I will absolutely check out the rest of the series.

Tooth & Nail (Book 2)

Book 2 in Mary Calmes Warder Series, for me, was better than book 1. I found Mal to be a very interesting character. Dylan made me nervous for a while because I couldn’t understand his obsession with Mal. I don’t know if it’s a pull of Hearth to Warder or what. If Dylan didn’t become his hearth I’d fear for Mal because Dylan was borderline mental in his NEED to be with Mal. I loved the demon battles, they were very exciting and I hope in future books we see the demons that got away in this one. Some interesting things were brought to light in this one and I hope they all connect. This was a fun read.

 Heart in Hand (Book 3)

So I found book 3 to be the most “Out There” of the three. I mean, these Warders fight demons so yeah it’s strange and scary and dark; but I liked it a lot. Simon is such a wonderful character. He’s Leith’s Hearth and he’s probably the strongest one we’ve seen to date.
When he goes on a business trip and ends up in a fa├žade that sucks him into Hell; things get a bit insane. I almost lost my mind with Leith’s situation (I won’t tell you!) But I was happy with the HEA. I will say that Simon is my favorite Hearth at this point in the series.
Heart in Hand is a great addition to the series.

WARDERS Vol One is a lot of fun and suspense. Possessive love and strong need. I enjoyed it a lot and recommend this for people who love paranormal books with alpha male characters!


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