Friday, October 16, 2015

A Piece of Me ~ Eileen Griffin

My monthly feature A Piece of Me has the lovely, brilliant, and beautiful Eileen Griffin posting today.
She's such an outstanding author and it's a huge pleasure to have her as my feature. I absolutely love her post and I have no doubt you all will too. Here she is.

Thoughts On Being A Unicorn

For anyone who knows me, I love unicorns. Not just a normal kind of “wow, unicorns are so cute” love, but an immense passionate love that borders on obsession. I have other loves - Tex-Mex, wine, angel wings, Nutella - but my love for all things unicorny trumps everything else.

In fact, most of my friends just accept this love and enable my obsession without ever questioning it. They post cute/funny/epic pictures on my FB wall, share videos of grooms making their nuptial entrance on unicorns (best wedding entrance EVER), and even share stories about their kids’ crazy teachers who ask their students to make unicorn sounds. (True story. And unicorns sound like glitter landing on freshly fallen snow on a crisp winter day. Js) Some friends even go so far as to combine several of my loves and post them on my TL to make me smile. *side eyes Meredith*

The funny thing is, no one has ever asked me why I have a burning obsession about this elusive creature with an obviously phallic-looking horn on its head that is not only treasured for its magical tears (the black market is a horrible and ugly place) and it ability to fart rainbows that smell like apple cinnamon (Google it). Even if they did, I’m not sure my answer would really give them the answer they want. Sure, unicorns are beautiful and magical and elusive and just plain fun to party with, but that’s not exactly why I love them. Honestly, I love that unicorns don’t fit into any one group; or, more specifically, that unicorns seem to fit into any group. They can be delicate, kind, snarky, badass, assassins, positive influences, terrible influences, gay, straight, bi, genderfluid, genderless … and no one seems to care. No. One. Cares.

In a world where we’re so consumed with holding every small detail about a person’s life against them, unicorns seem to be immune to all that. If the unicorn is drunk in a meme? Cool! It’s a party unicorn. If the unicorn is ethereal and touching its horn gently to a small child in a picture? Cool! It’s a compassionate unicorn. If the unicorn impales someone because its horn got a little too excited? Cool! It was a mistake!!! Mistakes happen!!! Even to unicorns!!! You can’t blame them because their horn got a little too excited!!!

A human, however, makes one mistake and we feel the need to persecute her/him relentlessly.

Look, I’m not here to give a Sunday sermon to anyone about the way we should live our lives, I’m just here to give my perspective on it all. My unicorny philosophy is that life’s too short to worry about the things that - at the end of the day - really don’t matter. Friends, family, loved ones, health, taking care of oneself, having a meal in your belly and a safe place to sleep - that’s what’s important. For just a moment, think about whatever’s got you butthurt this week, but think about it from the perspective of an LGBTQ teen living on the streets. Go ahead … I’ll wait while you really, truly imagine it. Is what boiled your blood on social media still important? I’m not saying your butthurt feelings aren’t valid; I’m just saying there’s a bigger picture here and most times we miss it. By miles.

So, in answer to anyone who asks, “What in the ever-loving fuck is up with your obsession with unicorns?” I can only answer, “Why not?” and “Who doesn’t want their farts to smell like apple cinnamon???"


About the Author

Eileen Griffin lives in the Southwest but loves to travel and has spent many summers crossing Europe with nothing but a backpack on her back. She enjoys TexMex, lives for good wine, and has a certain penchant for purple unicorns. She loves reading all genres of books, but her current obsession is writing m/m with lots of boy kissing. The novella Chasing Matt, with co-author Nikka Michaels, was her first published work. Eileen's other works include: "Dinner For Two", the short story, "Claiming Ayden" which is part of Evernight's Alpha's Claim M/M Anthology, In The Raw and In The Fire pubbed by Carina Press (with Nikka Michaels), Cooper Mountain: Stripped Bare (also co-written with Nikka Michaels), and the short story "Lost And Found" which was part of the Love's Landscapes Event via the Goodreads M/M Romance Group. Eileen is currently working on Book 3 for the In The Kitchen series, as well as the sequels to the Cooper Mountain Series.