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Release Day Post: Relentless by Cheyenne Meadows ~ Guest Post~ #Review #Giveaway

Jaguar shifter and sniper extraordinaire, Jag, is tasked with his most difficult and dangerous mission to date—take out the man responsible for his spotter and husband’s violent death. Again.

Sonar, an ocelot shifter, is assigned as the new spotter to the surly and scowling feline alpha. He’s impressed with Jag’s skills but sees more beneath the surface: a grief-stricken and furious man on a trail of vengeance.

Together Sonar and Jag face perils and challenges that test their skills, resolve, and the budding feelings they have for each other. As the death toll rises, so does the heat between them. Their longings could give them the strength needed to persevere, but it also might force them to succumb and sacrifice everything. One thing’s for certain: someone won’t be making it back alive.

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 Guest Post

Hi everyone. Let me introduce myself. I’m Cheyenne Meadows. And lucky enough to have Diverse Reader open their doors to allow me a few minutes to hang out with everyone while telling you about my most recent book entitled Relentless, available Feb. 29th, from Dreamspinner Press.
First things first. Does anyone out there like shifter novels? How about hot alpha shifters who just happen to be in the military? Crave suspense, mystery, adventure, and hot sex? Well, Relentless might just be the book for you!
Let me tell you about Jag, the main character. He’s a jaguar shifter, a premier sniper with an all shifter military unit called in to help the human military now and again with their superior talents and skills. Jag isn’t your normal, everyday happy-go-lucky guy. Not at all. He’s grown up in the jungles and on the streets, an orphan trapped in a human foster care system unequipped to handle a shifter child, let alone one that doesn’t even realize his DNA differs from those around him. Forced to grow up fast, he soon finds himself on the streets, hungry and struggling to get through each day. His big break comes when an older woman, a shifter as well, recognizes him for what he is, takes him in, and teaches him about his unique abilities.
Jag’s self-confidence borders on arrogance. He knows he’s the best there is, has a 100% kill rate as a sniper, and doesn’t know the meaning of fear. Hardnosed and a loner, he’s found his place in the unit with others similar to himself. All’s well and good until he’s assigned a mission that will change his life forever in the form of stealing the only man he’d ever loved from his life.
Vengeance drives Jag. He has nothing to live for except enacting revenge on the serial killer responsible for his husband’s death. Willing to sacrifice himself in the process, Jag sets out on a journey to end Sandman once and for all.
Enter in, Sonar, the ocelot shifter hiding in the human military whose luck lands him with a surly alpha Jag as his new best friend and sniper partner. Undaunted, Sonar isn’t afraid of Jag and not about to cow down to the jaguar shifter busy flashing fangs. After all, he’s a force to be reckoned with in his own right. Sonar can’t believe the living legend, his skills, or the emotional trek Jag has traveled and still does. He sees something inside Jag if only they can live long enough to discover what potential exists between them as partners in every sense of the word.
Intrigued yet? I hope so!
This story was such an emotional one to write for me. So many twists, turns, and times where you know Jag is hanging on by his fingernails. There were times I cried, times I laughed, and times I cheered in celebration. I hope you’re just as touched by Jag’s story when you read it.
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I read the blurb so I knew. I knew it was going to likely hurt my heart a bit. Well, with the prologue I knew I was right.
This is a suspenseful story. So many close calls and some too late ones. It was deeply emotional and (it’s not a secret because it’s in the blurb) it’s shrouded with the loss of Mark, Jag’s husband. Sonar is fabulous he’s everything Jag needs and the second we meet him you know. He’s what Jag needs to keep his sanity while hunting Sandman!
These two were hot and heavy and the chemistry was perfect. I like the plot and the suspense a lot. There was mystery and intrigue and in the end, relief! Was it all worth it? I don’t know about that. The forever scars left behind for poor Jag hopefully won’t haunt him but even with the ending it felt haunted. It could just be me and it’s not a bad thing, it’s just how I felt.
This will keep you on the edge of your seat no doubt about it. But there’s love, lust, insane madmen, and snarly shifters.
Exciting read.

Author bio:
Growing up in the Midwest, I began reading romance novels in high school, immediately falling in love with the genre, to the point where I decided to write professionally for a career. However, that dream splattered against a brick wall and resulting quick death in my first writing class in college when my professor told me bluntly that I wasn't any good at it.

I shifted gears quickly, and left my writing dreams behind, eventually settling on being a nurse. A few years back, I stumbled across a fan-fiction writing site on a favorite author's webpage. I began to read stories others wrote, not only making some wonderful close friends from the experience, but also, really learning to write for the very first time. Here I was able to share short stories, practice my writing skills, and truly develop into a writer. More than that, the experience allowed me to revitalize my dream, as I rediscovered joy in writing.

When I'm not working or writing, I enjoy working in the garden, canning, and seeing my backyard as a living canvas for my whimsical landscaping, and, of course, reading romance novels.

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