Diverse Reader is a book review blog. Your data may be collected while using the site if you comment on posts or sign up for email updates. Diverse Reader can access your basic public profile data when you sign into Blogger to leave comments. Your email address for updates is handled by Blogger and is not seen or stored by Diverse Reader.

No personally identifiable information is transferred away from the site by anyone working for or on behalf of Diverse Reader. None of your information has ever or will ever be sold or shared with third parties by Diverse Reader.

If you are an author or promoter purchasing advertising space on Diverse Reader, all transactions will be handled via PayPal. Diverse Reader has no access to any sensitive financial information at any point. Information such as your email address, real or business name, and other information relating to identifying your payment may be collected and stored for organization and accounting purposes. Your personally identifying information will always be held by Diverse Reader in strictest confidence. This information will be securely stored for 3 years in compliance with IRS guidelines. After that period, your information will be deleted.

You can request to view the data Diverse Reader holds on you, or for your data to be deleted, by  at any time.

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