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After Felix by Lily Morton


Close Proximity, Book 3

Sometimes the best love stories come in two parts.
When Felix met handsome journalist Max Travers, it was lust at first sight. It was just his luck that he then had to develop a terrible case of feelings and got his heart broken. However, two and a half years later, he’s over all of that. His job is going well, he has good friends, and he doesn’t lack for male company. Which, of course, is when Max has to come bursting back into his life.
Felix Jackson will always be the one who got away to Max. He’s spent their time apart regretting his actions and hoping for a second chance. When an accident lands him in Felix’s less than tender care, Max is determined to grab this opportunity. The only problem is that Felix is equally determined that he doesn’t.
From bestselling author, Lily Morton comes a story of missed opportunities, second chances, and two very stubborn men. This is the third book in the Close Proximity series, but it can be read as a standalone.

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Felix might have a sharp tongue and sarcastic wit but it hides a soft and wounded soul. Everyone likes him for a good time and Felix can’t complain since he likes sex as well but no one ever sticks around after. Of course, Felix never expects them too and maybe that’s part of why they always leave. The walls Felix has built around his heart are pretty impenetrable until he meets Max Travers. Max and he start off on the same page—in lust and ready to do something about it with no strings attached. Unfortunately Max somehow gets under those sturdy walls Felix loves and before long Felix has broken his own cardinal rule and fallen for the guy. But Max’s heart already belongs to someone else—someone he can never have but still pines over and loves—Ivo. When the two of them attend Ivo’s wedding it all comes to a head and Felix sees the truth—he has to get out and never see Max again despite the fact that it will break his heart.

For two years Max lives with the fact that he let Felix get away—too bad it never occurred to him while the guy was his that he loved him. Blinded by his loyalty to Ivo and his belief that it was love, Max lost the one man he could see loving the rest of his life. Now circumstances have presented themselves that will allow Max to be with Felix for two months—he has just that long to convince the hard headed snarky man to take a second chance on him and stay with him forever.

Lily Morton finishes the Close Proximity series with After Felix and it is absolutely wonderful. Felix and Max together is everything I had hoped for to finish this great series. Two men who claim to not need a relationship to fulfill them, who prefer hot and intense sex and the ability to walk away after never see how deeply they fall for each other until it’s almost too late. The breakup that occurs in this story is gut-wrenching but the reconciliation and hope for a future together is just marvelously funny and just as intense. I love this novel for so many reasons but perhaps the key one is that two men who never wanted love also never see it coming and resist it to the bitter end—well, at least Felix does.

The smart mouthed younger man versus the master at hiding his stress and fears clash big time but always find common ground in the bedroom. Felix meets Max at his most vulnerable—having just left a hectic and dangerous career as a journalist who traveled to hot spots and was in constant danger for a new career that he has no idea about or what exactly it will be for that matter. Max is adrift, struggling with PTSD from his time in war torn countries that include being held as a prisoner with his friend with benefits Ivo. He has almost idolized the time he spent with Ivo confusing a deep and loyal friendship with love.

When Felix enters the picture and messes with Max’s pre-conceived notions of love it throws the older man for a loop and sets them both on a path that will ultimately see them split up and leave Felix bitter and angry. When a freak accident brings them together again, Mac is wiser and determined not to let Felix go again without a fight. But Felix is also determined—never to open his heart to Max again.

Watching these two slowly realize just how much the other means to them is what really fine romance writing is meant to be—tumultuous, heated, sexy and fun. Despite what appears to be a heavy premise, there is lots of humor in this novel and Lily Morton knows how to deliver it. Max is a virtual saint in the latter part of this book and Felix is determined to give it to him with both barrels as he makes life for Max miserable. But  Max knows the payoff for his patience will be a Felix who is loyal, loving and oh so much fun—and he wants that so very much.

After Felix is just brilliant in my book and I highly recommend it. It can definitely be read as a standalone but this entire series is just great so do yourself a favor and start with book one.


“How old do you think I am?” he says mock flirtatiously, leaning in close enough that I catch his scent of sandalwood. It brings back memories of rolling all over those soft sheets in that hotel room. I’ve been perturbed to find my mind straying to memories of that room a few more times than it should have over the last week. 
He’s watching me intently again, and I swallow hard and tap my teeth thoughtfully. “I think probably sixty.” He opens his mouth in mock horror, and I laugh. “Only because you’re so wise,” I say reverently. “Being intelligent really piles the years on.”
He shakes his head. “I’m thirty-seven,” he says, trying not to laugh. “Can you see my crow’s feet?”
“A crow never made those lines. That’s surely got to be a bigger bird.” I wink at him as he laughs loudly. I eye the table where a book is sitting next to his pint. “What are you reading?”
He looks slightly awkward. “Ruth Rendell.”
“Oh, Inspector Wexford. My grandma used to watch those on the telly,” I say cheerfully.
“Thank you so much for that information,” he says darkly. “It’s made my day so happy.”
I laugh. “It’s like I carry sunshine wherever I go.” I eye him. “So, do you like reading crime novels?”
“I do.” He smiles. “I’ve always thought it would be incredibly easy to murder someone and get away with it, so I like it that people get found out in these books.”
I blink. “Said no man ever who hoped to get laid.”
He laughs. “I’m not going to murder you, Felix. Your arse is far too perky for that to happen.”
“I always knew my buttocks could save a life.”
He bites his lip, laughter brewing in those dark eyes as he leans forward. “The only way I’ll kill you is when you die from an overdose of the pleasure that my cock gives you.”
After draining my drink, I put the bottle on the table and stand up to grab my coat. “Pride goes before a fall, Max,” I say. “Maybe we’d better get you back to the hotel before you break something.”

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About Lily:
Lily writes contemporary romance novels, and specialises in hot love stories with a good dose of humour.
Lily lives in sunny England with her husband and two children, all of whom claim that they haven’t had a proper conversation with her since she bought her first Kindle.
She has spent her life with her head full of daydreams and decided one day to just sit down and start writing about them. In the process she discovered that she actually loved writing, because how else could she get to spend her time with hot, funny men!
She loves chocolate and Baileys and the best of all creations – chocolate Baileys! Her lifetime’s ambition is to have a bath in peace without being shouted by one of her family.


New Release Review: Too Close To The Flame by Ryan Taylor & Joshua Harwood #Review #Giveaway

Title: Too Close To The Flame
Authors: Ryan Taylor & Joshua Harwood
Self Published
Publication date: July 31, 2020
Length: 298 pages

Reviewed by Truus


Can he ever learn to trust again?
Brandon Weber’s old boyfriend almost beat him to death. Brandon survived, but still bears the emotional scars. Eighteen months later, he has withdrawn into himself, convinced he’ll never be able to trust another man.
Devin Macadam, fresh out of law school, has an exciting new job. He is also on the lookout for just the right guy, someone to take care of and love.
When Devin shows up for the first day of work at his new office, he meets Brandon, a legal assistant there. Sparks fly, but Brandon is paralyzed by fear and isn’t about to give another man the power to hurt him again. Devin, never one to give up easily, doesn’t want to take no for an answer. Both men feel the magic, but can their relationship ever get past the friend zone?
Too Close to the Flame is a dark-to-light, sweet romance featuring out and proud gay men, lots of feels, steamy love scenes, and a wonderful happy ending.
Trigger Warning: Too Close to the Flame contains specific memories of physical abuse. That said, the book is about Brandon’s recovery and HEA romance with Devin. Our goal is to bring attention to the often neglected issue of abuse in gay relationships.


Brandon is deeply hurt by his ex, mentally as physically. He’ll expects himself to get old alone probably with a wrist injury, because a relationship asks for trust and that’s something Brandon lost on the way.
Devin got a job at his cousin's law firm. They grew up with each other and are still close.
When Devin meets Brandon, as his cousin's assistant, he can’t keep his eyes off him. After a few weeks, he asks Brandon for a drink.
A nice invention from Devin of course, only it will never be more than just a drink.

But two broken hearts recognize each other and pull at each other’s strings.
Very very gently Devin approachs Brandon and with a mountain of hesitation Brandon lets him.
They start a friendship and more.
We can follow them, It’s almost inevitable they’ll end up together. Besides Brandon’s trauma, the whole story is quite mellow and sweet. I expected a bit more variety, near the end it got some action, but at that moment it was, unfortunately, a bit predictable.

Both men are very kind and considerate. There was a lot of attention to Brandon’s healing process which was well done. There was less focus on Devin’s hurt, I would have loved some more development there, it was almost all about Brandon.
The story was entertaining, gentle, and engaging. Besides the main characters, we meet the family and friends, a good addition to the story. The writing style was captivating even though the story was for me a bit too stretched the way of writing kept me to the pages.
The end was very satisfying.


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Random Review: Sinner and the Liar by Alice Winters #Review #Giveaway

Title: Sinner and the Liar
Series: Seeking Asylum Book 1
Author: Alice Winters
Self Published
Publication Date: April 7, 2019
Length: 319 pages

Reviewed by Sammy


The first night I saw the innocent-looking young man in that bar, there was something about him that drew me in. In this crumbling city filled with crime and darkness, the light in his eyes stood out to me. Honestly, nothing has drawn my attention since I stopped working for the police and began doing mercenary work. But the true Eastyn isn’t the timid young man from the bar—he’s smart and he brings brightness into my life for the first time in years. Even him mocking my gruff attitude makes me smile. And I’ve realized that I will fight for him. I would tear this city apart to keep him safe, but maybe the only way to save him is by saving the city from the crime that has consumed it.

I feel trapped. Caught between a man who can save me and one who threatens to destroy me. In Sin, I see freedom for the first time in my life and I feel like I can be myself. I don’t have to hide who I really am because he treats me like a real person, and I will do anything to keep him with me. But Sawyer is threatening to ruin the city, and I fear he’s going to destroy me along with it. Worst of all, I’m afraid of what he’ll do to Sin if he realizes how much he means to me. But Sin promises me a way out and I know that with him, my life could change. If I can be strong enough to stand by his side, maybe someday I’ll understand that even I deserve to be loved.

The Sinner and the Liar is a 107k word gritty romance with lighthearted moments set in a city recovering from war. It has two heroes who refuse to give up, snarky dialogue, and a love that is strong enough to overcome even the most impossible of odds.

Please use the “look inside” feature to see trigger warnings.


I’m about to try to summarize a three hundred plus page novel that evoked in me a spectrum of emotions from anger to frustration to joy to despair, so I may as well begin this review with the fact that I think author Alice Winters is a brilliant storyteller, a master character developer and a very funny person. Even in the midst of the chaos, murder, abuse and the bleak outlook of this story, the author manages to share moments of humor that saved it from ever falling into a book that I wanted to put aside for any length of time. Yet, with all the action going on the story is rather simple when it comes down to it and that is part of the beauty of this novel.

Sin has lost the one man who made any kind of difference in his life. He is left alone, by choice, bitter, angry and determined to keep his city from falling to the gang lord, Sawyer and his men called the Chromes. They own most of the city and on good days the police can keep some of the crime, prostitution, drug and sex trafficking and random killing in check—a little. Most days are not good ones. It makes one wonder why Sin quit the police force and is basically their gun for hire. He did so because the one man he loved and who he gave his heart to died while undercover—his partner on the force and in life, Lucas. Now he spends his days trying to find ways to keep Sawyer and his army of thugs in check—it is a losing battle. So most nights finds him at the bar drinking away his emptiness and it’s there that he will meet the young man who is about to change his life.

Eastyn has never really known what it means to be safe. His mother didn’t want him, she sold him to the man she tried to convince was his father and since then he has been the plaything and punching bag of none other than Sawyer. The man is a psychopath and uses Eastyn to vent his frustrations. As long as Eastyn obeys and does everything with a smile and subservient attitude then he gets some food, clothes and books. But the cost is his soul and Eastyn wants out—he needs to feel like he has some sort of control over his life so he stages a rape scenario at the bar hoping Sin intervenes and the man does. From there on out all of Eastyn’s focus is on getting Sin to kill Sawyer so he can be free. Little does either man ever expect to have feelings develop that will make it harder to take out Sawyer and free Eastyn.

The Sinner and the Liar is an action-packed crime novel with an age-gap romance and marvelous moments of humor that keep it from being too dark. I adore Eastyn. His life is a mess, he lives through abuse that no one should ever endure, and he still finds the strength to use humor to worm his way into Sin’s dark and twisted heart. There are moments of physical abuse that could possibly trigger some—but they are necessary to the story and very limited. They are also counterbalanced by moments of tenderness and play between Sin and Eastyn that are heart-melting.

There is a great deal of violence in this book—some rather graphic and yet again it is integral to the overall plot in order to understand just what the police and Sin are up against and how deeply depraved Sawyer really is. There is a scene with a young girl that had my heart in my throat until it’s conclusion and it solidified why Eastyn admired and loved Sin so very much. This is no fast moving romance—it is almost a glacial slow burn but done so very well that you enjoy every moment that produces another tiny crack in the armor Sin has around his heart. There are so many amazing scenes in this story and I wish I could tell you all of them but that would give away too much of the plot and ruin the novel for you. Suffice it to say that there is a cemetery scene that made me cry and want to hug both main characters and that is just one of many moments in this book that made it so outstanding

This was so very good that I cannot wait to read the next in this series. For me, Alice Winters is an auto-buy writer and The Sinner and the Liar is just another stellar example of why.


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