Saturday, May 4, 2019

Author In The Hot Seat: Emily Alter #Interview

It's another week of an author in the hot seat here on Diverse Reader! This week we have author Emily Alter. She's never been on our blog before so it's very exciting! We have some fast fire questions for her and a look into her work. So, check it out!

Fast Fire Questions

If you could pick, what would be your spirit animal?
My girlfriend says Chihuahua. Whatever.

What are three books you could re-read constantly?
I’m not much for re-reading, but…
-          Neither present time by Caren J. Werlinger.
-          More than everything (Family, #3) by Cardeno C.
-          Leaving flowers by Debbie McGowan and Raine O’Tierney.

What is the title of your newest release?
My latest release is Trust (Demands, #1) but I’ll be publishing Resolve (Demands, #2) on Monday (May, 6th).

Best movie you’ve seen this year?
I… I’ve just realized I haven’t watched any movies this year. Help.

Describe 2019 so far in only three words?
Stress. Desperation. Pride?

Are you going to any signing this year or planning on any next year? If yes feel free to list.
Ugh. I WISH.

If there was a song written about you who would you want singing it?
It would have to be Broadway, that’s for sure. Philipa Soo, maybe.

Do you have a favorite trope to read? If so what is it?
Honestly, so long as it’s romance and it’s queer, I’ll read it, so… Nope.

Mpreg. Is it for you or not for you?
I don’t care much about it. I won’t pick up a book specifically because it has butt babies, but I will still read it if that happens to be the theme.

What are three things you need near you before you begin writing?
Blankets, water, and… does my laptop count?

Name one role model who has helped shape you into the writer you are today.
I’ll have to go with my history teacher in high school. Thankfully I’m still in touch with her.


About Emily Alter

Emily Alter is a pansexual author of LGBTQ+ romance. She lives in Spain, although most of her time is spent in an imaginary world with her characters.
A hopeless romantic, and a psychology student, writing characters has always called to her. Writing romance, the kind she is represented in, seems the perfect combination of the three things she’s passionate about.

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