Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Release Day Review: A Love Song For Mr. Dakota by Gene Gant #Review #Giveaway

Author: Gene Gant
Title: A Love Song For Mr. Dakota
Publisher: Harmony Ink Press
Cover Artist: Adrian Nicholas
Publication Date: June 12, 2018
Length: 180 pages

Reviewed by Truus


Reeling from his parents’ divorce, trying to care for his alcoholic mother, and ridiculed at school for being biracial, Brodie cannot afford to lose the only two people he has in his corner: his girlfriend, Fawn, and his best friend, Abel. But a family emergency takes Abel to another city, Fawn decides she needs time to herself, and Brodie is alone.

In his attractive new English teacher, Mr. Dakota, Brodie finds an unexpected ally. The young teacher is no stranger to betrayal and loneliness, and what begins as friendship soon becomes something deeper and more dangerous. Brodie’s new desires scare and confuse him, even if they’re not reciprocated. Overcome, he makes a choice that may ruin more lives than his own… if he cannot find the courage to stand on his own when doing so is the most difficult.

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Brodie is fifteen years old and has a difficult life. 
He lives with his father because he got custody. His mother is an alcoholic and addict and Brodie feels responsible for her well being.
He is somewhat sad and lonely, he has a best friend, Abe and a girlfriend Fawn and is mostly mocked by other kids because he’s biracial.
His new English teacher is Mr. Dakota a young, handsome and friendly guy.
When he turns to Mr. Dakota and tells him what is going on in his life... they develop some kind of friendship. At the same time Abe and Fawn are temporarily out of his life. At school, kids are looking strange at him.

With a blooming friendship and better perspective on one side, being lonely and the center of ridicule on the other side, and then also his feelings all over, Brodie makes some decisions and they are not the right ones.

A gentle written story, about teenagers with all the hard struggles of growing up and dealing with their surroundings, their parents, friends , and self discovery. The sharp sides are mild in this story. I thought it was quite realistically put down. It’s a teen story and could be read by teens. For me it was something different than I normally read and I didn’t mind. The developing was enough, the friends, family, and school all together made sense. I found it to be an honest story, it was not excessively dramatized, it had a balance and was really pleasant to read.


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