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Audiobook Review: Pins and Needles by A.J. Thomas Narrated by Jason Riley #Review #Giveaway

Title: Pins and Needles
Author: A.J. Thomas
Narrator: Jason Riley
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Jennifer Vance
Publication Date: January 12, 2018
Length: 8 hours 57 minutes

Reviewed by Erin


The truth is rarely seen on the surface, and getting to it might mean digging deep….

After a devastating accident and a long stay in the hospital, the last thing petroleum engineer Sean Wilkinson wants to deal with is the settlement the oil company tries to force on him. He’ll never be able to work in his field again, his education is all but useless, and his surgeons are pessimistic about whether he’ll ever walk again. He needs someone in his corner, but most lawyers take one look at his tattoo-covered foster father and turn their backs. It’s just Sean’s luck that the one attorney willing to give him a chance is also the hottest guy he’s ever seen.

As a trial lawyer, Nate Delany has a lot to prove—to his father, the world, and himself. Sean intrigues Nate, and he struggles to reconcile the gifted tattoo artist he can’t stop fantasizing about with the quiet, brilliant engineer. His investigation reveals facts left out of the accident report—including an illicit affair, greedy coworkers, and a vicious corporation that will do anything to protect its bottom line. When Sean’s life is threatened, winning Sean’s case, and his heart, becomes a lot more dangerous.

Pins and Needles by AJ Thomas was one of my favorite reads of 2017. A plot that had me completely enthralled from the very first page, main characters it was super easy to fall in love with, bad guys you just love to hate, and a swoony romance on top of all that and this was a book I read straight through in one sitting. I really enjoyed everything about the book. The writing was spot on and tight, even with the technical aspects of Sean's job and career as an engineer aboard an oil rig. Not to mention the medical information due to his injury and the fact he's lost his leg in a horrific accident. This is no run of the mill plot going on here. We have a legal case, a guy who is a brilliant tattoo artist as well as a genius engineer (Sean) and Nate who is the lawyer and has his own baggage to bring to the table. 

Really, the book is just one giant roller coaster from beginning to end. There are a lot of intense scenes, with a bit of action thrown in as well to heighten it even more. And then on the flip side is the romance that blooms between Sean and Nate, two guys who shouldn't mesh but totally do. The heavy metal tatted up guy learning to live with a terrible injury and the buttoned up lawyer who always tries to do the right thing. It was so fun watching these two navigate their friendship then relationship. There are bumps in the road and some angst, but it keeps you invested in the story. 

Pins and Needles is narrated by Jason Riley and I have to say for the most part, I enjoyed the audio book. He's got a really pleasant and easy to listen to voice and he made it easy to follow along with the story. There is little to no distinction between the characters though, and this was disappointing. I would have loved to hear a little more of Sean's frustrations and vulnerability come through as well as Nate's earnestness. Even during the times of high tension, of which there are a lot given the plot of the book, there wasn't the distinction in the narration I expected. It didn't really keep me from enjoying the audio though because the story is so strong and kept me invested. All in all it was a decent listen and I'd be willing to give something else of his a try. I can't recommend the book enough though, either version.

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