Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Random Review: Something About You by Riley Hart #Review #Giveaway

Author: Riley Hart
Title: Something About You
Self Published
Publication Date: June 17, 2018

Reviewed by Jenn


Lucky Tyler Holloway has never felt particularly lucky. Frankly, he's as regular as can be. He works construction with his brothers, loves his small-town life, and shares a close bond with his family, especially his grandmother. Okay, so maybe he has a few secrets in his closet, like his bisexuality…and that other thing he doesn’t talk about…
Grayson ‘Saint’ St. Claire has it all: a dream job in LA, money, freedom. Saint doesn’t do attachments, which is just the way he likes it. Still, he’d be lying if he didn’t admit he missed his deceased parents, the only family he had... Until he gets an email from some guy named Tyler, revealing the existence of a grandmother he’s never met, prompting Saint to drop everything and drive across the country.
Saint and Tyler couldn't be more different. Tyler dislikes Saint on sight, but there's something about Tyler that gets under Saint's skin. It’s not until they get to know one another that everything begins to change for the better. But the Holloways and St. Claires have secrets, their pasts tied together in tragic ways. With the odds stacked against them, Saint and Tyler have to face the fact that love alone might not be enough…


Riley Hart has a way of telling a story that makes me feel like  she wrote it just for me. You know when an author writes something that works so perfectly for you that you wouldn’t change a single word? That’s how I feel about Something About You

Lucky Tyler Holloway is a golden boy, he’s a friend to everyone, the best brother, the uncle that the kids are crazy about, the favorite son and grandson. He has a really great life in a small town, he’s happy...even if there’s just a little something missing. Lucky has grown up surrounded by a family and a community that love him. Lucky is hiding his bisexuality...and one other little secret. He’s not ashamed about his sexuality and believes he’ll be accepted, he just hasn’t done anything about it yet. The other secret is a bit different and one no one knows about.

Grayson “Saint” St. Clair couldn’t be living a life more different from Lucky’s. He has no family and has a high paying and very consuming career in LA. He works hard and he plays hard. Saint is very sex positive and fully embraces his much as possible, it seems. When he receives an email from Lucky telling him about a grandmother he never knew existed, he’s thrown for sure. He deletes the email with every intention of ignoring it, but he can’t. Saint is heading to a place his father called a home  to find out about his family and where he comes from. He gets so much more than he bargained for in family friend, Lucky Holloway.

Lucky and Saint seem to be oil and water at first, but no amount of differences or animosity could hide the attraction these two feel for each other. As Saint spends his days getting to know Alice, his Grandma...he spends his evenings getting to know Lucky. The St. Clair’s and the Holloway’s have a long history together and they have secrets between them. Saint and Lucky will have to find a way to maneuver through all of that to see what they could be together because there is something about each other that they just can’t resist. 

I love this book and these men so much. Throughout the story, even in the beginning when they’re a bit snappy with each feel the innate goodness of each man. As always, Riley Hart does an amazing job of rounding out the main characters with fantastic secondary characters. Some of my favorite scenes in the book take place with a few of these secondary characters. They make the relationship between Lucky and Saint have all these warm, rich layers. Seeing each man with his grandma is so sweet and shows a side of them that make you just love them even more. I hope you will check out Something About You because there is just something about it that latches onto your heart and holds tight. I can’t recommend this one enough. 


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