Sunday, February 11, 2018

Share the Love Giveaway~ Day 6 #Giveaways

It’s the last day of authors and love. The giveaways are all still open so make sure you check every one out!!! It’s been so much fun and I hope you loved it too! Check out our last batch and remember share the love every day.

To me, love means feeling comfortable in my own skin, having a freedom of choice and the other person doing my laundry 😉

Giveaway: The Poison Within (with bonus read A Late Bite to Eat)-eBook

Being exactly who you are and knowing they’ll love you more for it

Book giving away: an ecopy of The Complete Collection of Bronwyn Heeley

Love is the light that dances through shadows…also mad cuddles from the creatures, human and furred, that I’m lucky enough to share life with.

One ebook copy of Dream, one ebook copy of Misfits

Love means trusting someone enough to be able to always be yourself.

Giveaway: Reader's choice of my published books

Love is the force that connects us all, that inspires us to do good, and that brings us hope and fulfilment. 

 giveaway: Signed paperback of Hurricane Reese

Love has no one definition in my mind; it is different for each person because we are unique individuals, but one thing I know about love is that it comforts, heals, supports, and fills us with hope.

 I will do a little "prize pack" type thing: Winner's choice of ebook from my single title backlist sent to their Kindle, plus a $10 Amazon gift card.

Love is compassion, putting someone else's needs before your own, and sharing yourself wholeheartedly.  

Winners choice Lynn Michaels ebook.

Love to me means unconditional support, care, and understanding; partnership and respect.

Giving away an e-copy of The Hunger Within

What loves means to me: To me, love is not about change, it is about acceptance of the other person in his/her entirety: good, bad, or middle of the road. 

Twitter: @hanksbooks

Giveaway: Digital copy of my romantic comedy "Plus Ones," in whichever format works best for the reader: mobi, epub, or PDF

Love means being embraced and celebrated exactly the way you are without reservations or compromise.

An e-copy of Rebel (Ballsy Boys #1), my book with K.M. Neuhold (will be released by then) (Link:

To paraphrase my character: Love is the world brighter.  

One Ebook Copy of Captive: Beautiful Monsters Vol. 1 
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Love to me is seeing my daughter and husband smiling. 

I'll give away a digital copy of the Point Shot Trilogy 

Love means accepting people for who they are. 


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Giving away ebooks: What He Needs and What He Craves

 Love means friendship. Sometimes a high-five is just as good as a kiss.


Reader's ebook choice


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  1. I've enjoyed reading all the posts they are wonderful Love is Love.

  2. Oh boy, more authors I love giving me love, or at least what love means to them, which is cool, and some great giveaways. Thx.