Saturday, February 10, 2018

Share The Love~ Day 5 #Giveaway

It’s day 5 of the Share the Love giveaway! I hope you’re enjoying it. All these wonderful authors telling you what love means to them and then giving you things! YAY! Check out today’s lovelies.

For me, love is finding your place in the world and filling that place with those crazy enough to want to live in that world with you.

Giveaway: An ebook of “By Fairy Means or Foul.”

Love means there for each other, in good times and bad, and feeling connected in ways you never thought possible.

A short fic, about 5k words, written to the winner's choice of prompts, be it situation or pictorially inspired. Winner will get format of their choice sent directly to them.

What does Love mean to me? I think love means caring for someone so much that you hurt when they do, you glory in their accomplishments, you wish only for the best for them, but you also understand that they have weaknesses and flaws and love them 
because of them, not despite them.

The winner will get a choice of my current backlist in ebook format or pdf.

Love means always having a home

3 ebooks of A Different Light gifted through Amazon

Love: (You want me to be succinct? Really? ME?) Love means knowing that even if life turns so dark you can't see them there, that person will be standing there beside you, keeping you company or showing you how to find the light.

Giveaway: Ebook of Too Close or Spoiled

Love is not "if" or "because"; it is "anyway" and "even though" and "in spite of."

Winner's choice of either an autographed copy of Chasing Thunderbird (m/m paranormal romance) or digital code for the audiobook version of Stalking Buffalo Bill  (If a 'winner's choice' doesn't work for your event, then I'll do the autographed copy of Chasing Thunderbird).

To me, love means peace, comfort, passion, and hope

I will give away a $10 Amazon gift card.

Love means laughter, respect, and most of all, an unshakeable trust that someone has your back.


ebook copy of my new release, Bite Me

Love is waking him up in the middle of the night to tell him this funny joke you just thought of, and he'll go, 
"You're lucky I fucking love you, brat," and he'll smirk a little and pinch your boob before rolling over again.

Three ebooks of choice from my website,

Love is what exists when you feel comfortable being your own freaky and eccentric self without being afraid.

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Giveaway - 1 Untouchable Beauty, 1 Anchored in Stone (Series' MUST be read in order or you’ll miss important details)


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