Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Share The Love~ Day Two #Giveaways

It’s day two of the Share the Love Giveaway on Diverse Reader and we have more authors wanting to tell you what love means to them, and give away some love. So check it out!

One sentence?  Geez.  Kill a guy :-)  Unconditional-accepting someone, scars and all, and not trying to change them.

Giving away 5 ebook copies of Looking In and a $5.00 Amazon GC

Love means letting me go so I will want to keep coming back.

Giveaway: One e-book and one $5 Amazon voucher

What does love mean to me? 
Love means that even when you're at your worst, those that love you will boost you up to be your best.

I'll be giving away all three signed paperbacks of the Responsible Adult series, that's Misdemeanor, Hard Time and Reformed (Europe and US only, ebook for all other locations)

Love means trust, feeling secure even when it's been days or weeks since you've spoken, never expecting the other to change to suit you (and them not expecting it of you either), and when the dishes are done without having to be asked.


I'll be giving away an e-copy of His Personal Assistant.

What love means to me... is complicated and full of angst, but also happy surprises.

Giveaway: One copy of every self-published ebook under this pen name: Be My Love: Two Mature Heroes Tales, Torque, Toy Run, Comfort & Joy, plus the currently out-of-print "It's Not Our Fault". 

The meaning of love?  Love is the moment your heart understands what you need to feel strong and sure and true, every single day. 


Giveaway: Tidal Series ebook set — Wake and Calm

One Sentence (lol) - I think for me, love isn’t something that you say, it’s something that you do. It’s not a card on February 14th, it’s a cup of tea, made just how you like it, just when you need it the most. It isn’t grand gestures, it’s the small stuff. It’s sleepy morning sex, and holding someone’s hair back while they puke, and small glances of reassurance across a crowded room at a party neither of you want to be at, and picking all the olives off their half of the pizza so they don’t have to. In the end, think that’s the stuff that matters most.

Giveaway - Any eBook from my back catalogue, or upcoming release.

Love is EVERYTHING, and the main reason I’m still around these days.

The winner can pick an e-book from my backlist


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  1. Wow some really fab prizes thank you.

  2. Thank you for sharing what love means to you all.

  3. Thanks for setting up these wonderful giveaways and thank you to the authors for their generosity!