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Random Review: Just Here For The Pain by K.A. Merikan #Review #Giveaway

Author: K.A. Merikan
Title: Just Here For The Pain
Series: The Underdogs #2
Self Published
Publication date: February 4, 2018
Length: 240 pages

Reviewed by Jenn


---. Whips and chains - not optional .---

 Drummer for The Underdogs. Secretly yearning for pain and submission.
Asher. AKA Stan. Stalker. More than meets the eye.

It’s hard to find good hookups while on tour. Sid wants pain, humiliation, and the kind of sex that isn’t easy to get from one-night stands. So for now, he’s given up, settled for an online Dom to get his rocks off, and focused on his band instead. The Underdogs are getting increasingly popular, but there is one fan who has followed Sid since before he even joined the band, and he’s driving Sid mad! Rich, spoiled hipster brat looking for the bad boy experience. If he knew what Sid was really into, he would run for the hills.

Asher is convinced that Sid is The One, his One True Love, his endgame. Years ago, Asher lost his virginity to Sid, and from that moment on, he knew it was meant to be. They had a spark, that honest connection that couldn’t be faked. The members of Sid’s band call him a stalker, but all he wants is to offer Sid his love. When Sid finally chokes out what he wants, Asher is more than ready to unleash it on him.

But the last time Sid was out as gay and submissive, he got badly burnt when his former band kicked him out, and the doors to many opportunities slammed in his face. 
Asher wants the whole world to know that he’s dating Sid. Problem is, Sid would much rather keep the relationship as pain-with-benefits.

Themes: rock band, alternative lifestyles, tattoos, BDSM, commitment, family issues, coming out, life on tour, friends with benefits become something more, first love , stalking, fanboy
Genre: Contemporary M/M Rocker Romance
Heat level: Scorching hot, explicit BDSM scenes


K.A Merikan books can be hardcore and this is definitely hardcore. This book is a rockstar BDSM relationship with a lot of humiliation kink. I’m a firm believer in whatever happens between consenting adults in the bedroom or the their business. Saying that I really enjoyed this book!

We first meet Sid and Asher (Stan) in book 1 of The Underdog series. They both attracted my attention, I wanted to know more about them. I certainly got that in this book. Sid doesn’t want to be attracted to Asher, he has needs he doesn’t believe Asher could ever fulfill. Sid needs things a lot of people wouldn’t understand, I love how his needs are handled in this book. We don’t have to desire it or understand it, but it’s written in a way that we can respect it. We are all very different people with very different wants and needs. I loved seeing Sid’s reactions to being satisfied and humiliated, you can feel that this IS what he needs. Asher surprised me, he has serious commitment and game when it comes to Sid. 

This books just proves that sometimes your version of Prince Charming can be a drummer with a mohawk, a smart mouth, a skinny body who wants you to bring the pain. This book has some moments that may push your limits, but it’s a good book! I loved catching up with Dusk and Lolly from book one and I want Dawn and Mage’s story so much. 

This was a pretty hardcore humiliation book, but it’s really good! <3


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