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Review Tour: Blackbird In The Reeds by Sam Burns #Review #Giveaway

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Length: 50,000 words approx.

Cover Design: Melanie Harlow @ Clause & Effect


Devon Murphy has never believed that there were fairies at the bottom of the garden, but when he’s in an accident on his way to his grandmother’s house and comes face to face with the biggest, baddest wolf he’s ever seen, he’s forced to reconsider.

When his grandmother asks him to look into a string of suspicious accidents, he finds a much bigger mystery to unravel. From his childhood best friend to the too-attractive Deputy Wade Hunter, everyone in Rowan Harbor seems to have something to hide. Devon has to get to the bottom of it all before the accidents turn deadly.


Never have I read such a well told, well-built paranormal story that was this length.

I was hooked to the characters right from the moment Devon Murphy crashed his car into the tree, and the wolf emerged from the woods. The town and its people are holding some secrets, and when one mystery leads to answers, Devon wasn’t expecting how everything changes.

Even though the story was told all from Devon’s POV, I never felt like I was missing too much. I would’ve loved to hear Wade’s side of the story since he seemed like a different guy to start with. But I admit that it’s just a preferred way I like stories told. My fear with this book was that there was so much that needed to be seen and heard from Devon’s POV that changing would’ve hurt more than helped.

Devon was quirky, clumsy, and full of a youthfulness that I love in characters. Not knowing who or what he was but knowing there was something different about him makes him feel lost. Rowan Harbor is always home even when he doesn’t want to admit it. The town and its people play as much of a role in this story as Devon himself.

Wade, the sheriff, and younger brother to his childhood best friend were not as fleshed out of a character as Devon, but I loved him for Devon. Wade got him, understood and loved his constant joking, and trusted him once he got over his judgments of who he thought Devon was.

Truly a wonderful start to a series that I plan to continue reading!

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Author Bio

Sam wrote her first fantasy epic with her best friend when she was ten. Like almost any epic fiction written by a ten year old, it was awful. She likes to think she’s improved since then, if only because she has better handwriting now.

If she’s not writing, she’s almost certainly either reading or lost down a wikipedia rabbit hole while pretending to research for a novel.


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