Friday, January 19, 2018

Flashback Friday: The Long Fall Of Night by AJ Rose #Review #Giveaway

Author AJ Rose
Book: The Long Fall Of Night
Publisher: The Grim Writer Press
Publication Date: June 16, 2015
Length: 557 pages

 Reviewed by Morningstar


In a flash, everything changes.

When NYU student Asher Caine’s uncle calls to warn him something big is coming, he has no idea it will be so devastating. Not even years of training can prepare him for what he's about to face. The only plan he has is to get his sister and nephew across country to safety, whatever it takes.

The darkness is full of potential. For good or evil, only time will tell.

Elliot Davenport isn’t about to let his Chemistry lab partner leave him behind, though he’s never done a spontaneous thing in his life. Ash is mysterious, aloof, and so damned sexy, Elliot can’t get the guy out of his head. But his crush takes a backseat as the gravity of the situation becomes clear: the eastern two-thirds of the United States has gone dark.

What happens when all the rules change in a split second?

200 million people are without access to sustainable food and water, let alone coffee and the Internet. Facing the worst humanitarian crisis the western world has ever seen, the government calls the military to step in. The entire military.

The soldiers of Team Shockwave are tasked with evacuating civilians to the safety of refugee camps, and then patrolling the new border between the East and West. Shockwave are on the front lines and the fate of an entire nation rests on them.

Welcome to the long fall of night…

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I chose this as my flashback Friday review because even though it’s been just shy of two years since I’ve read it, it is a book that often comes up in my thoughts. It’s a book that when reading it consumes you, you’re there, invested in every little part of the story and I can say that feeling never goes away.

This had only ever been my second apocalyptic story that I’d ever read, although I’ve seen them in movies, books bring you more in-depth than a film ever could. It changes the way I view the end of the world movies that I’ve watched or will watch because it brings a sense of realism that a lot don’t deliver. My very first apocalyptic story had me hooked, but this author created a unique story all her own that I still cannot wait to read the sequel too. Which, by the way, I’m willing to wait as long as it takes to get because I know she will make it worth it.

I cannot say enough that A.J. created a unique world where we know this seems completely possible. It's not aliens taking over (which I love), it’s not a zombie virus spread across the world (also love), but it’s in a world we live in today. It’s epic and profound, and Elliot and Ash were a set of characters that just made an already freaking amazing story go straight to the top in my opinion. The way they were together and how, through such adversity, it never seems to waned was amazing.

It’s not an easy story to read. It’s sad and hard and frankly terrifying but oh my god fantastic! If you haven’t read it, do, because you will never regret it!


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  1. Thanks for the flashback, Morningstar. I've read and liked a number of dystopian novels, and it's all about how well the author creates that world. This one does sound like an interesting premise.