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Random Review: The Great Wall by Z. Allora #Review #Giveaway

Author: Z. Allora
Book: The Great Wall 2nd Edition
Series: Made In China book 1
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: PL Nunn
Publication Date: January 9, 2018
Length: 280 pages

Reviewed by Truus


Destiny will be decided by a battle between heart and mind…. 

Jun Tai “Styx” Wong loves two things: playing the drums, and his best friend, Jin. But being a good Chinese son means he can’t have either—he’ll have to marry a girl of his parents’ choosing and settle into a traditional job. His move to the bigger city of Suzhou is both a blessing and curse, as living with Jin makes it harder for Styx to suppress his desires. Nearly dying while trying to eradicate his feelings serves as a wake-up call for Jin, who takes extreme measures to keep Styx safe from harm. 

When given a second chance at life and happiness, will Styx be able to claim the future he wants with Jin, his bandmates, and his music? Can love and hope grow with the constantly looming threat of Styx’s parents ordering him home? Great things await—if Styx finds the courage to break down the wall that stands between him and everything he wants.

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As the son of a conservative Chinese family Jun Tai/Styx has a duty to fulfill: "Take care of your family and marry a nice girl". What he really wants is to marry his best friend Jin and be part of a band, together.
Jun Tai and Jin are friends from way back when they were five years old.
As a teenager he didn't understand why Jin would look at girls...his heart hurts.
When Jin begs for Styx to come with him and live with him in Suzhou, far away from home, he just follows his heart, and there they go.
 Living with Jin is wonderful and hurtful. He craves him... his mind and body are in conflict.
After Styx makes a wrong decision, one that almost costs his life, Jin is devastated and makes his own decision how to go on with their friendship.
 Watching Jin take the lead and Styx's the one who followed blindly, is just divine. Styx is innocent and oblivious to what Jin really wants.
Jin is delighted when there will be two more guys sharing the two bedroom apartment because now Styx will have to share Jin's bed... Free-spirits Li and Indigo don't hold back on any subject. They have their own tale in this story, equally fun and intriguing as Styx and Jin's.
 "Jin wanted more—more than Styx would ever be able to give, but the maddening part was he truly wanted to give Jin everything."
 Styx's hope to gain a real and free future, free from duties towards his family. The only chance to live is to earn money by creating a successful band.
 It's an extended story, a somewhat slow burn with lovable and endearing personalities. The growing love is sweet and strong despite all the difficulties. The Chinese environments are wonderfully entwined, we even get a sightseeing!! It's all about growing up in and extricate the Chinese culture. A culture where being gay is not allowed and family honor is the main priority.
 Overall a good written story. The progress of the boys 'growing up' is well put down.
There are parts that will give you blurry eyes, a silly smile and will play with your heartstrings.

 I'm in love with the cover


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