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Exclusive Cover Reveal: Campus Life by T.C. Orton #Excerpt #Giveaway

Campus Life
Author: T.C. Orton

Cover Artist: T.C. Orton

This is a Create Your Own Adventure Book!!!!!


Eight beers later and the club is still in full-swing, in fact, I think it’s swinging even harder now that people have shed their inhibitions.

Zack and I have found a somewhat safe spot by the bar (and by safe, I mean we’re not getting splattered by all the sweat rolling off the dancefloor), and I’ve been listening to him recount all his triumphs with the opposite sex for at least an hour. Oddly enough, he hasn’t attempted to talk to any women yet – but man, do the men here love him. I don’t think he’s had to buy himself a single drink since we arrived.

“Being gay is cool!” he cheers as he raises his beer into the air. “It must be soooo easy to get laid.”

“Sure,” I lean into the bar and look across the sea of people, none of which have glanced my way once. “Apart from the whole homophobia, and people getting rejected by their parents, and religion wanting us all to die, and-”

“Okay, okay, I get it, man,” Zack stumbles in front of me and puts his arm on my shoulder. “Dude, I’m just saying – dick is easy, y’know? Don’t go getting all serious on me. We’re having a good time.”

His dumb smile draws me in. He looks so goofily happy that it’s hard to find anything he says remotely offensive.

“Yeah… I guess we are,” I whisper as I lean into his touch.

Damn, it’s getting hard to be anywhere near this guy, and I don’t think the booze is helping.

I stare at his beaming grin. His blue eyes glisten under his wavy blond mop, his hand travels over my shoulder and down to my elbow, and he starts to lean into me, trapping me between his towering body and the bar.

My heart thuds against my ribs, thundering in my ears, drowning out the music.

“Z-Zack?” I begin to panic, to grow in my jeans, to shiver with nervous excitement.

Is he about to kiss me? Holy shit balls.

“You guys are hella cute,” a piercing, feminine voice rings out, and Zack ricochets away from me.

I turn to see a brunette holding a cocktail. She’s tall, leggy, and has a lot going on in the chest area. I look back to Zack and he seems to be captivated by her; jaw on the ground and practically foaming at the mouth.

“W-what?” he laughs. “Nah, it’s not like that. This is my roommate – Joe. He’s gay, I’m not. I just – err – I thought I’d be his wingman.”

Suddenly, I feel invisible. Was that all in my head, or is Zack backing out because of her?

“Oh, how nice of you,” she says, somewhat patronizingly. “I’m doing the same thing for a friend of mine – or I was. He found himself an Italian and is probably chewing on some chorizo right about now.”

Great, she’s alone, straight and kind of funny. Not to mention she has a vagina (as far as I know), how can I possibly compete with that?

Zack bursts out into peals of stupid laughter, drawing in stares from people on the dancefloor. I stare at him, perplexed by his sudden stiffness and fidgeting. He’s acting like – well, me; awkward, anxious and aroused.

Fuck. He wants her bad. I’m done for.

“He’s fun,” the woman turns to me with a knowing smile and a twinkle in her eyes.

Yeah, he’s fun. And he would’ve been more fun had you not shown up, you conniving, little –

“Dude!” Zack grabs my wrist and drags me to the edge of the dancefloor with a sharp whisper. “Dude – man – roomy,” he bounces on the spot like a giddy Shiba Inu.

“What? Too much beer? Diarrhea? That’s okay, we can leave if you-”

“What? No, man, listen to me,” Zack shakes my shoulders and looks right into my eyes. “I gotta piss, so – like, can you do the wingman thing for me, yeah? Just tell her that I’m a nice guy that has never lost a fight, has tons of money and saves kittens from trees – or some shit like that, kay?”

He looks over my shoulder and smiles at her, and I can tell she’s smiling back even without turning my head. I can see it in his widening eyes, his huge grin… And that other huge thing pulsating in his jeans.

“Sure,” I sigh.

He’s whizzes off into the crowd, and the thanks, man he shoots my way drowns in the music. I take a deep breath, admitting defeat, and look back at the brunette.

“Is he coming back?” she asks.

·          Yeah, he’s coming back. He’s such a great guy, blah blah blah *sniffle* (Chapter 2m)

·          Sure, right after he empties his bowels. He’s got horrible diarrhea – or maybe he’s applying the Nix cream we picked up today. I mean, I keep telling him to wrap it when he goes to those orgies, but you know how boys can be, especially when they’re paying for something. (Chapter 2n)


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Iudicium is also a create your own adventure book.

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