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Random Review: Hush by Tal Bauer #Review #Giveaway

Author: Tal Bauer
Book: Hush
Publication Date: July 12, 2017
Length: 672 pages

Reviewed by Jenn


A federal judge running from the truth.
A U.S. marshal running from his past.
A trial that can plunge the world into war.

Federal Judge Tom Brewer is finally putting the pieces of his life back together. In the closet for twenty-five long years, he’s climbing out slowly, and, with the hope of finding a special relationship with the stunning Mike Lucciano, U.S. Marshal assigned to his DC courthouse. He wants to be out and proud, but he can’t erase his own past, and the lessons he learned long ago.

But a devastating terrorist attack in the heart of DC, and the subsequent capture and arrest of the terrorist, leads to a trial that threatens to expose the dark underbelly of America’s national security.

As Russia beats the drums of war, intent on seeking revenge, and the United States struggles to contain the storm before it races out of control, secrets and lies, past and present, collide in Judge Tom Brewer’s courtroom. With the world’s attention fixed on Tom and this case, he suddenly discovers he may be the only person who can put everything together in time to stop the spark of a new world war.

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Tal Bauer's Hush is a story of friendship, justice, love, intrigue, self-acceptance, and secrets....of epic proportions!

Federal "Baby" Judge Tom Brewer is the newest federal judge in DC. Tom believes in the law, in the constitution and in upholding both. Tom spends his days working, taking care of his beautiful home, spoiling his princess of a Bassett Hound and keeping a BIG secret. Tom has a past event that both shaped and changed the course of his personal life. An event that pushed him as far into the closet as a man can go. Tom is a man living half a life, all work and NO play.

US Marshal Mike Luciano also believes in the law and in the people's right to a fair trial. He is committed to his job, his court and his judges. He lives out and proud as a gay man although he has questionable taste in men. Mike has a very active life with great friends. He is very active in the LGBT community, but Mike has a secret too. Mike wants to find his Prince Charming.

Mike and Judge Brewer have a great professional working relationship until one morning that Mike shows up to work late and frazzled. He opens up to Tom that he and his boyfriend broke up. Tom is shocked, Mike is gay?? That day begins a change in their relationship as Judge Brewer extends his hand in friendship. The two begin spending time together sharing drinks and meals. Tom starts to see that the world has changed around him, gay men are living in a world far more accepting than the world he tried to live in his past. He finds himself more and more drawn to Mike. He opens up to Mike and begins to believe he could live an out and proud life...maybe even one with Mike.

Mike and Tom are watching the Pride parade and witness an event that will rock the world. They didn't realize that this event would also completely rock and change their world. The relationship that they are building will be tested and the "baby" Judge living in the suddenly in the national spotlight. Tom is assigned a case that could send the world into war, a case that seems open and shut. Tom believes in the law and takes his job very seriously, too seriously for some people. Things are not as they seem and suddenly Mike and Tom are questioning everyone in their lives. Crazy conspiracy theories are flying around about this case, but are they really crazy? In the mix of all this Mike is trying to keep Tom safe while still keeping Tom's secret. The world is watching, the good guys and the bad guys are watching. Who can be trusted, how far does this case run? As Tom and Mike work their way through all the lies, conspiracies and bullets...they begin to see that the only people they can truly trust are each other. 

As the events that have led the world to the edge of the world unfold, Tom sees that there is something he loves more than the law...Mike. Tom knows he will be living as an "out" man when this is all over. Tom and Mike just have to survive long enough to get their happy ending.

This book challenges what we know of our country's history and its treatment of the LGBT community. It shows how far we've come and how far we have to go. It takes us on a thrill ride and solves a mystery that you won't see coming. It truly is an emotional roller coaster, one that has you rooting for our main characters. I laughed and I cried (lots) and at times I raged. This is a story the resonated so deeply within me, a story that makes you take a closer look at yourself. It's a tale written on a grand scale, a story that makes you cheer in the end. I loved this book, I loved it so much! I think it's a love story, an American story, a story everyone should read. I so highly recommend this book, 5 stars aren't enough.


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  1. Great review! I am reading Hush now and loving it! I'm a huge fan of Tal Bauer.