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Random Review: Uncomplicated Choices by Cara Dee #Review #Giveaway

Author: Cara Dee
Book: Uncomplicated Choices
Series: Camassia Cove #5
Self Published
Publication date: June 30, 2017
Length: 200 pages

Reviewed by Morningstar


When life gave you lemons, you learned who stayed and made lemonade with you. Or something to that effect. And the day Ellis Hayes kidnapped me—or, he borrowed a yacht and didn’t know I was on board—he'd definitely been handed too many lemons.

We faced a dilemma when I woke up hungover in the middle of the ocean. He needed to get the hell out of town to do some soul searching and decide whether or not to divorce his wife, and I needed to get back on land because humans didn't belong on the water. There was also better cell service on land, and I had my four-year-old daughter on vacation in Paris to check in with.

Then I remembered I wasn’t a complete tool. Ellis wasn’t doing all right, and we were practically family. I had to stay and make lemonade with him. Of course, me being me, seemingly un-dateable and complicated, I had to develop feelings for him, too.


I. Loved. This. Book! I laughed and sighed and wanted and was in awe of these two guys. Their difference in personality, in their lives, in their futures was astounding, but somehow, they just fit.

The writing in this story produced some of my favorite lines. I could just give those to you, and it would be enough to convince you to read this story, but that’s the easy way out.

I’ve always loved Cara Dee. She has written some of my favorite books of all time, and even though this one will add to that pile, it’s for very different reasons. The emotions are there, like in all her books, but what puts this one in that awesome category is the voice of Casey and Ellis.

Casey is this cute, quirky, snarky guy who hides the loneliness behind his humor. The love he has for his daughter came across right from the start. In every thought and word that love proved to be his number one priority but not in a bad way. He focused on other things like his business that he was so dang proud of and he dated, unsuccessfully, but he put himself out there. What grew between him and Ellis was so slow and tentative and just friendship, right up until their first kiss.

Ellis. What can I say? I loved his quiet and sure personality. He was lost but never came across as terribly sad just weighed down by decisions that he was afraid to make until Casey showed him another side of life. To just live and have a place to call his own and a heart that beat for one man.

There are complications and obstacles for them to overcome together and apart. Ellis’s future ex-wife being one of them but they made reading each one of them easy. And she never became a huge thing but enough of one that in any normal relationship it was something to live and learn through. Watching them go through each step, learning about each other, finding a place for each to fit into the other's lives was beautiful. The mix and match family were a bonus for sure. It was a bit hard to grasp who each were to each other at first since I never read the previous books by the author explained it well, so it never took me too much out of the story.

Read it and love them as I do. I promise you will.


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