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Release Day Review: The Mighty Have Fallen by Bonnie Dee #Review #Giveaway

Author: Bonnie Dee
Book: The Mighty Have Fallen
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publication date: January 18, 2017
Length: 129 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


Theatre headliner Trevor Rowland is at the peak of his career when disaster strikes. In one fell swoop, he loses his eyesight, his fame, and his boyfriend, who absconds with most of his money. Trevor must take on a flatmate, hardworking East Ender Jack Burrows, to afford the rent. Anger and bitterness have taken up residence in his heart—but Jack shines light into the shadowy corners with his relentlessly sunny disposition.

Jack introduces Trevor to a local drag club and convinces him he can enjoy the stage again. Trevor’s defences slowly come down as Jack becomes much more than a barely tolerated roommate.

But will Trevor’s fragile trust be destroyed when it appears he’s been manipulated yet again by a man he’s come to care for? Will he reclaim his life or crawl back into a shell of defeat? Trevor must learn to trust not only a man, but himself, once more.

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I was immediately drawn to this book because of the cover. Bree Archer did a phenomenal job on it. It spoke of submission, defeat, acceptance, and falling. The synopsis solidified my decision to read it.

Trevor Rowland is a celebrity. A theater star who is blind, to be more specific. He suffers from depression, anger, and -if I'm being honest- self pity. No thanks to a horrible ex who took all his money. He has a real serious pity party going on up in here.

He has an awesome roommate. I loved Jack immediately. He's like a pocket full of sunshine. Naturally, that grated on Trevor's nerves at first because misery loves company and Jack is a party of cheer! When I was first introduced to Jack I knew if anyone was going to shake Trevor out of this darkness it was totally going to be him.

Now I will say that I found Trevor's negativity wearing thin on me a bit. Just when I thought he was pushing through he'd pull back into the angry bitter man from the beginning of the story. Depression is a fickle beast and not something that is easily conquered. So for a lot of this story I let that slide. But in the end I did feel I'd have liked Trevor more is I felt he was more deserving of Jack.

Jack's a blue collar guy and Trevor had a lot of issues with that. It was more like he kept beating that point to death almost. I felt that made Trevor unworthy of him and that feeling lingered long after I finished the book.

The secondary characters were totally and absolutely fabulous. They gave this story a wonderfully entertaining edge and I adored all of them! Jack was by far my favorite character and I hope in Fictionland Trevor proves himself to him.

Bonnie's writing is exemplary as ever and her creativity is endless. It was an enjoyable read.


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