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Promotional Post: Blood of the Sphinx by J. Johanis #Excerpt #Review #Giveaway

Author: J.Johanis
Book: Blood of the Sphinx
Series: Virgin Kings #1
Self Published
Publication Date: December 19, 2016
Length: 98 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


Enter Sasha's dark world where half-naked warriors fight in the arena for sexual dominance.

Son of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, Sasha is the king of kings. He’s the pharaoh, and he’s supposed to be the most powerful man in Egypt, but he’s convinced there’s something wrong with him. Maybe he’s in heat or maybe he’s just cursed, but no pharaoh should have such an insatiable need to be mated by another man. Even worse, the man he desires has never shown an inkling of interest in him.

When the young pharaoh finds himself the sole ruler of Egypt and under siege by the Romans, he has to find a way to deal with the desires consuming him or all will be lost.


I would 100% say this is a fantasy more than anything else. By the title you get the gist of the time period but the history isn’t perfectly accurate and it’s not supposed to be. It’s the time of Antony & Cleopatra when Octavius and the Romans defeated her and her armies and stormed the cities and palace of Alexandria. You know the story so I won’t make this a history lesson. If you know how it ended for Cleopatra than you'll see where J. Johanis deviates for a good reason.

The Pharaoh in this, Sasha, is pretty dang powerful… Even if his people don’t see it. But he has “unconventional needs” and that’s where his best friend and personal guard, Adrian, comes in… at least he hopes.

I’ve read everything (I think) that J. Johanis has ever written. Her work is that of dark erotica. I’m aware this isn’t everyone’s thing but for me she does it in such a fascinating way I can’t stop reading if I tried. Not everyone achieves their goal in books like these but she did in this one.

I’m thrilled to see it’s the start of a series and I’m eager for more. Even though it’s a novella it packs a punch and has a lot of story in this. Put aside your knowledge of history (to a certain degree) and see the fantasy and erotic passion of this tale by J. Johanis. 

This, like all her books, is very entertaining and page turning.


“The blood of the sphinx runs through my veins,” Sasha said as he inspected the warrior standing at attention before him. “It’s what makes my family line so potent—what gives us the power to make or break a man.”
The warrior’s chest heaved as Sasha moved in close. The man, who had exuded nothing but confidence in the arena, was sweating under his inspection. Sasha tried to ignore his fear, tried not to be disappointed. After all, Sasha was the pharaoh. It was only natural for men to tremble in his presence.
Expelling the thought from his head, he let his gaze drop to the warrior’s powerful hips. His thoughts returned to the arena. He recalled the strength of those hips as the warrior fucked the fallen man, and his breath caught in his chest. All of a sudden the room was too hot. Sasha reached out to touch him but stopped. He wanted to taste those perfect pecs, to run his hands down those sculpted abs. He needed the man’s rough hands all over him, but he had to remain strong and conceal his desires. Sasha was still young, but before long he’d be ruling on his own, no longer hidden behind the shadow of his mother’s governance.
“You’re aware of my power to drain your masculinity and make you into an adorable little toy for my pleasure, yet in the arena last week, you made a vow to serve me. You willingly gave up your freedom. Why?”
The warrior cleared his throat. “Great Caesarion, son of the divine Cleopatra and the exalted Julius Caesar. You are the king of kings, a god among men. I would give anything to serve you.”
Sasha’s heart palpitated. He’d been co-ruler with his mother for as long as he could remember, but hearing such veneration still struck at his core. Sasha’s gaze traveled from the man’s handsome face to his erect member, tenting his white skirt. Another wave of heat flashed through him as he imagined the warrior pinning him down and driving that cock inside him. Sasha turned his back on the man and, with both hands, removed his pharaoh's headpiece, letting his long sandy hair fall loose around his shoulders. After mounting the headpiece on its golden stand, Sasha crawled onto his bed and lay back on the silky red fabric, resting his weight on one elbow. Though the warrior remained at attention, his gaze followed Sasha as he moved.
“You are a man,” Sasha said, narrowing his kohl-lined eyes in a seductive manner. “Tell me exactly how you plan on serving me.”
The warrior’s eyes widened for a moment, and then he dropped to his knees beside the bed. “Great Pharaoh, I will serve you in any way you desire. I am yours to command.”
Sasha took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Today might be the day. This man might be the one.
“In that case, what if I wanted you to let your animal instincts guide you? You’re much older and stronger than I am. We’re alone without a guard in the room. There’s absolutely nothing stopping you from doing whatever you want to me.”
“Your Majesty… I’m not sure what you mean.”
“I am flesh and blood, just like you. If you pinned me down, forced me to submit, I could do nothing about it.”
The man’s complexion turned ashen. “Your Majesty, I would never… You’re the pharaoh. You’re my god. I… I’m nothing but your humble servant,” he rambled and pressed his forehead to the floor.
Sasha’s face burned as a sour taste came into his mouth. Closing his eyes, he took slow measured breaths. He'd never before been so forward. He’d practically told the warrior what to do to him, yet the results were still the same. This strong man kneeling before him wished only to bow before his pharaoh and be his submissive servant. Why couldn’t a man who wished to lay claim to his body step forward? Sasha was the pharaoh. He couldn’t tell the warrior what he needed—that he needed to be held down and taken by force. All he could do was give a man the opportunity to claim him, but none ever would. When Sasha opened his eyes, the man was still kneeling. Sasha rose from the bed and stood over him.
“Do you know what will happen to you when I fuck you?”
The man’s mouth dropped as he looked up with a jerk.
“Yes, Great Caesarion, but I…”
“Good! If you want to serve me, you’ll do so in my harem. Now lift your skirt and bend over my bed!”


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