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Promotional Post: Scary by JM Dabney #Review #Excerpt #Giveaway

Author: JM Dabney
Book: Scary
Series: Twirled World Ink #3
Self Published
Publication Date: January 17, 2017
Length: 198 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


Welcome to Twirled World Ink where the crazies run the asylum.
Gene Sheridan earned the appropriate nickname when Legend Gib Phelps employed him at Twirled World Ink—Scary. No one made it out of his old neighborhood without scars both mental and physical. At one time, Scary thought he had a chance—that is until his ex found slumming with someone like him wasn’t worth his trust fund. No-strings hookups became his go-to when he needed to relieve some tension. Co-owning a bar called Brawlers with his best friend, Tank, made it easy to find a body to use for the night. If not happy, he was content with his life, but one man made content seem like a terrible thing.
Elijah Vaughn worried about everything. His life was put on hold at eighteen when his mostly-absent parents died on one of their many adventures, leaving him to raise his six-year-old brother, Brody. He’d never had anything or anyone that was just his. When Brody met a tattoo artist named Trouble, Elijah hadn’t realized how much it would change his life. He met a massive man named Scary and he was terrified how the man made him feel.
Tank Davis lost his voice the night he was attacked and had this throat slit ear-to-ear. Silent and intimidating, he scared off more men than he drew. Scary and he made a life for themselves in small town Georgia. Most nights everyone could find him working security at the door. Scary called in a favor and Tank met the one man he couldn’t resist, proper and upstanding Elijah Vaughn.
 Can one man accept there’s not one perfect man for him, but two damaged souls who need him to be whole?

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Scary is book three in JM Dabney’s Twirled World Ink Series! Scary can totally be read as a standalone but why would you do that? Seriously! With each book my love for this series has only grown. I really feel the connections, ongoing jokes and tidbits, and you appreciate these guys more invested you become.

This fabulous book it’s called Scary… Because we are dealing with that character. Here’s the thing; it’s also a ménage! I know I know. I was like over the moon! I love ménages and where my hope was for Scary to get with Elijah I had so much love for Tank! So when the three became a thing… Yeah I needed to be resuscitated.

Now, the big question… Did it live up to ménage standards?  I’ve only said it a billion times; ménage is one of those tropes I’m very critical with. Because I’ve read exceptional and horrible threesomes I know what I love. I know what makes them work perfectly. And Scary has fit the bill.

The psychological element is ALWAYS the most important for me with threesomes. If I can’t click with that and understand the three, it won’t work; regardless of how sexy they are. Tank intrigued me from the beginning. I knew there was sexual tension with Scary and Elijah so I was desperate to know more about how they all would click. 

JM Dabney did not fail at all. She brought three brilliant characters together and made their story worthy of being a top favorite ménage for me.  If you’re like me and though you love the gorgeous physical element of it but long for the psychological, look no further. 

The Twirled World Ink Series is fast becoming a favorite series of mine on top of all this amazingness! The characters are not models. They are gruff, scarred, hairy criminals. They have hearts of gold and fists of iron. They’ll break your heart one way or another and I adore that.
Make this series one you read!


Elijah was too nice for his own good, which meant Scary and his Crew would need to take care of shit. He followed behind Elijah’s sensible, beige sedan. It was a car that screamed responsible.
The ride didn’t take long. The fancy Country Club was just outside the town limits. His boys were relaxing on their bikes, Tank in the lead. He’d known the man his whole life. They’d escaped the dangerous streets and neighborhoods where they grew up, but both hadn’t made it out without countless scars.
The most obvious was the thick line of scar tissue that went from ear to ear but Tank’s long beard hid it. One scar bisected the left side of Tank’s face. Tank got both on the same night. His friend hadn’t said a word since.
Elijah pulled to the shoulder of the road just passed Tank’s motorcycle. A flurry of black and hot pink flew from the back seat.
“Mina,” Elijah hollered for her, but Princess was already on the move.
Princess launched herself at Tank and the man caught her in mid-air. Tank set her astride his bike. Tank’s hands quickly moved as he signed to her and she giggled. The other boys laughed at the huge, ugly biker losing his shit over Princess.
He turned to see Elijah warily watching Tank and Princess. “Elijah, this is Tank Davis, he’s my head of security.”
“Hi,” Elijah said with a small smile.
He watched Tank do a double take and then stare openly at Elijah. Okay, this could end up being a fucking issue. He noticed the other guys laughed louder at Tank’s reaction. Not many gave Tank the time of day. Tank was born ruthless and it only grew in intensity over the years, especially after his attack. Scary knew there was more to his friend than the man let others see, yet personal shit stayed between him and Tank.
“Tank, Tank,” Princess was patting Tank’s massive chest and Tank instantly gave her his undivided attention.
He grunted in answer.
“I love my tutu. Thank you.”
She signed as she spoke even though she knew he could hear her. They’d explained to her Tank had an accident.
Tank signed she was welcome and she looked beautiful; it earned the usually grumpy man a tight hug. Princess picked up the sign language quickly. He sometimes found the two of them having silent conversations when the crews got together for barbecues or whatever.
“Did you bring the ties?” He asked and Tank reached back into his saddlebags and pulled out a mass of tangled fabric. “Who knows how to work these f—these things?” He groaned as the guys chuckled at him censoring himself. Scary didn’t always catch himself, but they had a kid in the crew now, he had to at least try.
“Line up,” Elijah ordered and stepped forward to take the ties, his face turned bright red as he noticed the bikini clad women.
Hell, tiny triangles of fabric barely constituted coverage, but they would prove a fucking point. Scary watched the guys line up, but Tank remained on his bike just as he did.
“I can’t believe I’m doing this.”
“You just might have fun, pretty man,” Crave rumbled and he noticed Elijah pursing his lips to hide what Scary thought may be an actual smile.
Each man stepped up to have the tie efficiently knotted and tightened to hang over their grungy tees. Then it came to Tank and him, Elijah’s steps almost faltered as he approached Tank first.
“Turn a bit, please,” Elijah’s voice was soft and he kept his head slightly down almost like he was avoiding looking at Tank.
He’d known Tank forever, knew him better than anyone and the emotion in the other man’s eyes almost looked like hurt. Tank suddenly stiffened and Scary saw Elijah’s fingertips had quickly stroked over the long, ragged scar on Tank’s throat.
“You have to hold your head up.”
Tank only grunted again and tipped his chin up.
“Thank you.”
Tank’s hands fisted on his thighs. If Scary thought he was too rough for Elijah than his fucking friend was even less suited. He wasn’t going to try anything with the cute man, but seeing his friend watch Elijah with hunger in his eyes should have made him at least a bit jealous, but it wasn’t there.
“Looking very distinguished, Mr. Davis.”
Princess giggled and kicked her feet where she straddled Tank’s big bike and leaned back against the big man’s chest.
Tank’s rough chuckle took him by surprise and Elijah smiled. A sweet, innocent tilt of his plump lips.
Elijah turned to him with the last tie slung over his shoulder and approached him.
“You gonna strangle me with that tie?”
Shocked eyes flew up to his and then they rolled. “I haven’t done it yet, have I?”
“Do your worst.” He lifted his head as Elijah looped the polyester fabric around his neck and began twisting and sliding the end of the tie through a loop. “You’re good at this.”
Every so often soft fingers stroked his skin and brushed his chest through the cotton of his black t-shirt. Now was not the time for a fucking hard on. It was already a problem ninety percent of the time he was in Elijah’s presence. He wanted to bend the man over every time he saw him. This was the first time Elijah was ever this close to him, he could smell the scent of soap, shampoo, but no cologne.
“I do it a lot.”
Elijah sounded disgusted by the idea of wearing a tie. It was at odds with Elijah who rarely knew what casual was and Scary didn’t think he’d seen the man in anything other than a suit in the whole time he’d known him.
Tank made a noise and he looked towards his friend. The man had a silent question in his eyes. Tank was asking was Elijah Scary’s boy. He wanted to shake his head, but he couldn’t. Wanting Elijah wasn’t new, but he sure as fuck never gave into his needs. Which for him was pretty much out of character. When he wanted something he went for it with no regrets afterward.
“You should wear a tie more often, maybe not one like this.”
“Ain’t exactly my style.”
“No I don’t expect it is. Come on, I’m buying.”
“I don’t think they’ll let us through the fucking door.”
“We’ll see.” Elijah whispered cryptically and stepped away.
“Showtime, boys. Elijah’s in the lead, we’ll be on his six. Anything goes down and the cops show whoever is closest gets Princess and Elijah out.”
A round of affirmations to the plan sounded before they were quickly on their way up the long drive to the country club’s main building. They parked in the lot since no one would let some valet touch their wheels. When they dismounted to join Elijah he was kneeling in front of Princess straightening her tutu and uneven pigtails, even retied her boots. It all seemed second nature, like he did it every day.
“Do you know I used to help your Daddy tie his shoes when I dropped him off at school?”
“You raised Daddy, he said you were the best Dad ever.”
“I don’t know about that, Mina. Like all parents I made a lot of mistakes.”
“Nope,” She popped her lips on the p and made Elijah give a real laugh. “Daddy said you were perfect.”
“The only one perfect around here is you and beautiful to top it off.”
Scary watched Elijah hold Princess’s cheeks and lean in to press a soft kiss on her forehead. He hadn’t known Elijah raised Brody. He was aware their parents died when Brody was a kid, but he’d assumed a family member took Brody in. What else didn’t he fucking know about the secretive man?

About J.M. Dabney

By day, J.M. is an introverted cook hiding out in her kitchen in the middle of nowhere Ohio, by night and any free time she may have, she is a writer of mainly LGBTQ Fiction and Erotica. Although. she's equal opportunity when it comes to telling a story, she'll even write a bit of straight erotic romance when the mood strikes.
She has been writing for years in old notebooks. At the age of eight, she wrote the worst poem in the history of poetry, but it sparked her love for writing. She reads too much and loves to get lost in other worlds and her favorite stories have to include laughter and having the reader doing at least one double take. Thirty-something, forever restless she uses her stories to ground herself, and find her place of peace.


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