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Authors Honoring AllRomanceebook's Deals

With All Romance ebook’s fiasco many publishers are stepping up to honor the deals readers made with them. But there are also many Self Pub authors who are also doing so. Here’s a list of authors that are honoring ARe’s failed promises. In this list is what the authors are asking for and how to contact them:

Kimi D. Saunders
If anyone bought Sol's Solstice (my only book on there), I'll happily send them an e-copy if they are unable to dl theirs at ARe. If anyone bought Sol's Solstice as an epub and wish to read my Amazon only titles incl Sol's sequels, pm me on Facebook: or message me here:

Jenna Kendrick
If anyone bought any of my titles, they can PM or email me a copy of the receipt, and I'll make good on it. My books are now in KU for the next few months, but I'll honor any previous sales in other formats.

JM Dabney
Is honoring any deal you had with ARe. Show proof of purchase via receipt or screenshot. Contact her via FB or email:

A.D. Ellis
I had some preorders of Ryker & Gavin. Show me preorder receipt and I'll be sure to get the book to them upon release. My email is

My free books on ARe are free everywhere.
I didn't have many sales of other books on ARe, but if anyone wants to show me their receipt if purchase on any of my titles, I'll gladly get the ebook to them. Again, just email me
Screen shot of library page would work if receipt is unavailable.
Amy Jo Cousins
Receipt or screenshot of their library page from ARe for any of my self pub books, and I'll replace.

Tracey Steinbach/ Tracey Michael
If anyone bought any of my books under Tracey Steinbach or Tracey Michael and can't download them, I'll happily give them a replacement.

Lynn Lorenz
If you bought any of my self-pub books, show your receipt to me at and I'll send you the eBook.

Annabelle Jacobs
I don't have my self pubs on there anymore, but if anyone's having trouble dl theirs from before, then I'll happily send them a copy. Just PM me with a receipt.

Meraki P. Lyhne
I'm a hybrid author, and my self-published books (the Cubi series) was on ARe, too. With a receipt of purchase of either of those two books, I'll honor the purchase. PM on Facebook:

Harper Miller
If anyone has purchased any titles, email me a screenshot of your receipt and it's as good as yours again. So many bloggers have been really great about spreading the love after this fiasco. Message on Facebook:

Jay Northcote
I'll provide copies to anyone unable to retrieve their books from ARE with proof of purchase
Check out Website for contact info

Megan Erickson
With proof of purchase, I'll supply copies of my SP titles (Strong Signal, Fast Connection, Daring Fate)

Haley Walsh
Honoring purchases made from readers on ARe: Honoring your word

Kate McMurray
My only self-pub title is Across the East River Bridge, but email me some proof of purchase, and the book is yours again in whichever format you like.

Kate Pavelle
Kate Pavelle here. If anyone bought a book published by Mugen Press (Flux, Lucky Starflowers, Relativistic Phenomena, or any of the SwimBikeRun trilogy books), I'll be happy to send them a copy in their preferred format. This is all on the honor system, folks. Also, if you had any of my titles published by DSP, talk to them. They have always been very good with all kinds of mishaps, although I cannot speak for them, obviously.  Message on FB

Ari McKay
All self-pub Ari McKay stories (Here's Mercs series, Ghost of a Chance, Dandy's Little Girl, Holiday Hootenanny) will be replaced with proof of purchase from ARe. People who have left reviews/ratings on the stories on Goodreads or Amazon don't need proof of purchase, just provide your GR or Amazon name and tell us that's what it's for… Oh, forgot one thing. Anyone who lost their copies of any Torquere Ari McKay books, since that site isn't coming back, we'll take on a case by case basis for replacing (some we can't because we're placing the rights elsewhere, but we'll do what we can) Message on FB:

Bey Deckard
If you purchased any of my titles at ARe and can't get to them, send me some kind of proof of purchase and I'll give you a new copy

Varian Krylov
If someone paid for one of my books on ARE, but ARE is failing to deliver it, I'll of course provide them with a digital copy. Just show me some form of proof of purchase and let me know your prefered format (mobi or epub). PM me here, or email me at

Chris Quinton
If you purchased any of my self-pubbed [Kouros Books] titles at ARe and can't get to them, send me some kind of proof of purchase and I'll give you a new copy

Chris McHart
Show any sort of proof and I will honor it. PM me or email me:

Liv Rancort & Irene Preston
I will send a copy of Vespers or Bonfire to anyone who can't download them from ARe and can provide proof of purchase. They're no longer available for sale, but you should be able to download. Thanks.
For Irene’s solo titles:

Zoe Perdita
I'll honor ARe sales as long as they have a proof of purchase. They can email me or send me a PM on FB

Blaine D Arden
Any readers who can't download my books can send me proof of purchase, and I'll send them their book in preferred format.
Also... for those readers who still have ebucks to spend, but can't find my books on the list anymore, can send me a screencap of their ebucks amount, and ask for the books they want from me at a 60% discount (aka they'd only need .40 ebucks for a $1 book).
They can do so until next weekend.

ETA: either via email CPress(at)cayendi(dot)nl or pm on fb

Sara York
They only need to email me or pm me.

April Kelley
Just a copy of the receipt or a screenshot of the bookshelf or something to the equivalent.

Alex Jane
A receipt or screenshot from anyone having trouble downloading any of my books from their account, and I'll replace x PM on FB

Christa Tomlinson
I will help any reader who has lost a copy of one of my books due to ARe. PM on FB

Kaje harper
I self-pub and my stories were on ARe - the freebies are all on Smashwords, but I will honor any receipt or screenshot of one of my paid self-pubs (and will even take a convincing story from someone who didn't know about ARe till after the fact. ) My email is on my website too - They can also message me on GR although those cannot attach screenshots.

Christina Lee
I'll give digital copies of only my self-pubbed titles (have no control of my Penguin titles) with proof of purchase. So The Darkest Flame, The Deepest Blue, The Hardest Fall, Touch the Sky, Chase the Sun, Twelve Truths, and Three Sacred Words. My email:

Anastasia Vitsky
I will honor any requests for books from readers who purchased my books from ARe. Ideally, I'd like a forwarded receipt/email confirmation. Screenshot would also be acceptable.
 Or message me on FB or Twitter @AnastasiaVitsky

Brandi Evans
I've actually made all my self-pub books free on ARe until the sight goes dark. I don't want Lori making any more cash off me, but I wanted to do a little something for the readers caught in the crossfire.

Sue Brown
I will honour my self-pubbed books, with some proof of purchase. My email is

Alicia Nordwell
I will replace copies of my self-published eBooks with screen shots or receipts for the "for sale" items, or any free eBook I had on ARe that is simply requested. I can be contacted via email: and my eBook info/contact info can all be found on my blog:

Mischa Horne
I'll replace anything of mine people weren't able to save from ARe. They can just PM me on FB or email me at

RE Hargrave
I've not had many sales there, as far as I know, but the Divine Trilogy was up there, and I'll happily honor getting copies to readers with proof of purchase.

LD Blakeley
My publisher (Evernight) has stepped up, but I had a self-pub title release Dec. 14. So if anyone is unable to access their copy of The Power of Peppermint, please pm me with your receipt (screenshot is fine) and I'll replace it.

Shae Connor
Any of my three self-pub novellas (Rhythm & Blues, Tongue & Groove, Heart & Soul) with proof of purchase. Just email

Silvia Violet
I will honor any self-pubbed books with proof of purchase like a receipt or screen shot of your library. Email me at or use the contact on my website

Taylor Law
My books are still up for download on ARe, but I will still honor and send them a copy in their choice of format if they are having issues. They just need to email me at  a copy of their receipt or screenshot of their library page from ARe for any of my books, and I'll happily replace them.

Nico Jaye
Send a receipt or a screenshot and I'll send a copy. Email at


I'll gladly honor any ARe purchase. Just send me the receipt or a screen shot of your ARe library. My email is:

Felice Stevens

I am! Just proof of purchase an email receipt from ARe or a screenshot. They can email me at

Jr Gray
Any of my books, self-pub or with my publishers Email:

Amelia Faulkner
 Just pop the receipt over to

Sloan Parker
For my self-published titles, I will gladly replace lost copies. I just need a copy of their receipt or a screenshot/photo of the book in their ARe library. Email me at

Cherie Noel:
I haven't pubbed any new books for ages...but I'll definitely give copies of myself pub books to any reader who bought them from ARe and couldn't get them downloaded in time. PM on FB

Shannon West
I have some that are self pubbed. I will honor any requests for books from readers who purchased my books from ARe. Ideally, I'd like a forwarded receipt/email confirmation. Screenshot would also be acceptable PM on FB

LC Chase
My only self pub titles on ARe were Long Tall Drink and Riding with Heaven. If anyone didn't get them downloaded, just send proof of purchase to  and I'll make sure they get their copy. The books are both still available on Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. All the free stories are on my website. Thank you!

Kate Aaron
I'll honour any request with proof of purchase.

Patricia Logan
I've made this announcement so definitely put me on the list. Screenshots are good Message on FB

S.C. Wynne
I will honor any books purchased from ARe with some proof of purchase, HAPPILY!

SA Collins
With proof of purchase, sure. I'm in. PM on FB

R. Phoenix
I didn't do much at ARE, but I'm happy to replace books. Please have some proof of purchase. Email

RJ Scott
If anyone is having problems downloading Rj Scott's books, they just need to email Rachel Maybury at  with a screenshot of their receipt or library and I'll send them through

AJ Rose
Proof of purchase

Wulf Francu Godgluck: Proof of purchase. PM on FB

Bronwyn Heeley: Will honor with some sort of proof of purchase Email:

Lisa Oliver: proof of purchase

AJ Llewellyn
I am happy to honor any purchases my readers have made - with proof of purchase! PM on FB

Alyson Pearce
I only sold a few copies, but if anyone bought The Viscount and the Artist and didn't have a chance to download, I will send a copy in the format desired. As long as they have either a receipt or a screenshot from their library.

Genna Donaghy
I had one book on ARe, Touch Me Not, and will honor with screenshot or proof of purchase. PM on FB

Nash Summers
I'm in for any of my self-published books with proof of purchase.

Jess Buffett
For my self-pubbed titles under Jess Buffett: Always Been You, Nick's Christmas Wish, Cupid's Time, Harry's Nature, Whyte's Dream, Jack's Claus, Packmaster. And my self-pubbed titles under Sydney Lea: Claimed, Tamed and Cowboy Interrupted. I will honor with a screenshot of proof of purchase. Just send an email to

Nic Starr
I'm happy to be added for my self-published books. I just need proof of purchase. Email to

Andrea Dalling
If anyone purchased my Andrea Dalling titles prior to December 28, email a proof of purchase to  and I'll send you a link to the file.

Anna Butler
I'll honour any self-published book purchased from ARe, with proof of purchase.

Lynn Michaels

Renee Stevens
I only had one self-published story on ARe but anyone who couldn't get it downloaded can contact me either here on my facebook page via PM or through email at

Joseph Lance Tonlet
Show some sort of proof of purchase

J.T. Hall
I'll replace eBooks for any reader with proof of purchase for any of my short fiction pieces. For my Riptide title, please contact Riptide; they are also offering to replace copies with proof of purchase. Thanks!  Email me at .  

Z. Allora 
I'll replace eBooks from Rocky Ridge (The Dark Angels series & Club Zombie series). For my Dreamspinner titles, please contact Dreamspinner; they are also offering to replace copies with proof of purchase. Thanks!  Email me at 

Laura Antoniou
No proof required. Just email me at


If there are any other authors who would like to be added to this list please email me at and I will edit you in. Supply your email or a way for readers to contact you and what they need to do. Thanks!


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  2. Z.Allora: I'll replace eBooks from Rocky Ridge (The Dark Angels series & Club Zombie series). For my Dreamspinner titles, please contact Dreamspinner; they are also offering to replace copies with proof of purchase. Thanks! Email me at