Sunday, January 15, 2017

Diverse Reader~ 3 Year Blogiversary: Felice Stevens #Giveaway

Today is the last day of the 3 Year Blogiversary week! Closing it down is an amazing author and someone I consider to be a close friend. Felice Stevens, aka Fancy, crashed into my life and never left and I've loved every second. If you've read her work you know how good she is. If not, get reading.
So she's written a small post and is doing a great giveaway. You'll also get to see what's coming from her this year.

3 Year Blogiversary 

Congratulations to Meredith on her Blogiversary. Diverse Reader, and Meredith mean the world to me. Many of you know Meredith and I have met many times and I love her to pieces. There is no more real and loving person. She's beautiful inside and out and there's no one else I'd rather have in my corner. I consider it an honor to be her friend. Happy Blogiversary!!!

My plans for the upcoming year are never set in stone, except for releases.
On January 31, I have Reunited the second book in The Rescued Heart series coming out that's a sequel to Rescued. I do plan a third on this year.
In February I'll be re-releasing After the Fire, the second book in the Through Hell and Back series and plan to have Embrace the Fire ready for re-release in late March/ early April. Then I have One Call Away, my radio show MM romance coming after that.
Of course I get sidetracked and yesterday I started writing a Valentine's Day short for Gideon and Jonah from Learning to Love. IN this story you'll get Jonah's POV so it will be different and will hopefully tie up some loose ends with these two. The tentative title is The Way to His Heart.
And that's all I know for now!!


Felice is doing a giveaway for one person to win a $5.00
Amazon GC and a reader's choice backlist giveaway.
Enter the rafflecopter of course! 

Thanks you and thank all who helped celebrate Diverse Reader's Blogiversary

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  1. Choosing a favourite book of Felice's now that's difficult I love all of Felice's books so I'll pick "The Breakfast Club" series and "The Memories" series!

  2. Beyond The Surface, probably. :) But I don't think there's been one I haven't liked.

  3. I love all of Felice's books, but I do really love the Breakfast Club series as I love to keep following favourite characters.

  4. I only read The Arrangement ....and that was a great read !!

  5. Beyond the Surface is mine. Thanks for the post and contest! Happy Blogiversary!

  6. How can I choose? They are all great. The Breakfast club, Memories, Rescued, A Walk through Fire and so on.

  7. Felice will be a new-to-me author :)

  8. Happy anniversary and thanks for the post. I too like Felice, and my fav is The Greatest Gift.

  9. I love Rescued because it was my first book by Felice. And I'm pretty excited about the upcoming release Reunited.

  10. I'm new to Felice Stevens, what book should I try first?

  11. Felice is a new to me author but I am interested in her books!

  12. I need to try her books!