Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Promotional & Release Day Post: Man & Monster by Michael Jensen #Review #Giveaway

Author: Michael Jensen
Book: Man & Monster
Series: The Savage Land Book 2
Publisher: Buddha Kitty Books
Length: 307 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


A monster stalks the ancient forests...

It’s 1799, and Cole Seavey is a trapper running from a guilty past, seeking refuge on the vast American frontier. Lost in a raging storm, he finds himself face to face with a terrifying, otherworldly creature that seems to have emerged from a nightmare.

Cole is saved from certain death by a handsome Delaware Indian named Pakim. Together they learn that the monster is the fearsome Wendigo from native legends: a creature with a heart of ice, drawn to the evil of men.

Soon the Wendigo is terrorizing the frontier — settler and Indian alike — and Cole and Pakim join together to defeat the mysterious monster. In the process, Cole finds himself falling for the strapping brave and the promise of a new life together.

Unfortunately, the legends say that the Wendigo can only be killed by another creature with a heart of ice. But how can Cole hope to defeat the monster if it means denying the love he's finally allowed himself to feel?


Man & Monster is book two in Michael Jensen's The Savage Land Series. Though this is book two you can read it as a standalone.

Man & Monster, like book one (Man & Beast) is a terrific mix of suspense, mystery, and a bit of horror too. Like I had said in my review for book one, frontier stories are pretty new to me. I never gravitated toward them and had a hard time finding the appeal of them. Little House on the Prairie is as close as I came to entertaining myself with that time period. But I took a chance with this series and I haven't been disappointed.

See, this isn't JUST a frontier story. It's a paranormal one as well. It takes place in 1799, Cole is the main character of this story and he's got a past that has shrouded him in guilt. He comes to the frontier to run and hide. In his search for refuge he comes face to face with a demon-like beast. A monster. With this he has now stumbled onto an even bigger problem. He's rescued by Pakim, an Indian. Together they join forces and we unravel the mystery behind this monster and it's origin.

What this author does is weaves history and paranormal in a way that keeps you captivated, all the while you're actually learning and appreciating the life of people in the frontier. I am pretty certain that had there not been the mystery, suspense, and wonderful characters I wouldn't have loved this book.

Michael Jensen truly is a wonderful writer that engages the reader and keeps them on the edge of their seat. Well done!


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  1. Congrats on the release, it sounds quite interesting & very unique!

  2. Hi Michael, congratulations on the latest instalment to The Savage Land series. I love the mix of historical with folk lore/myth, so thank you for a chance of winning a copy of Man & Monster.

  3. Congrats on the new release!