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Special Mother's Day Interview with The Seekers: AJ Rose's Reaping Havoc Characters!

I really wanted to do something special for Mother’s Day and was thrilled when I contacted AJ Rose and she suggested I call Mitch and Nate. *whispers* they are her characters in her Reaping Havoc series. So I called up Mitch and he agreed to invite me over to talk to him, Nate, and some of his family. Since it’s Mother’s Day they are all there.
I want to thank you all for allowing me to come here today and talk to you all. 

Sylvia: Our pleasure, dear.
Charles: Make yourself at home.

[Everyone settles in the Great Room at Charles and Sylvia’s house]

It’s Mother’s Day. A special and wonderful day. Sylvia are your boys taking good care of you? What did they give you this year?

Sylvia: Oh, I’m just glad they’re both here. But I did get flowers. Charles is taking care of all the cooking today so I can kick my feet up. Mitch and Nate got me flowers and a day at the Caperville Lodge Spa. Morgan and Samantha brought me this adorable baby. [beams at the bundle sleeping in Mitch’s arms, two month old Grace] 

Morgan: Mom, you do know she’s going back to New York with Sam and me, right?

Sylvia: [waves a hand and smiles with a knowing gleam] We’ll see. Anyway, Morgan and Sam got me those beautiful flowers on the dining room table and a beautiful necklace with the baby’s birthstone in the pendant. [shows it off]

Nate, have you talked to your mom this year or are we just glazing over her, this, that?

Nate: I called her this morning, and Mitch and I sent her a gift card for Seraph. Online makeup store.
Mitch: You mean Sephora.

Nate: [shrugs] I can never remember that.
Charles: You’d think with the bookstore’s name, you could keep it straight.
Nate: The bookstore is why I can never remember which one is which. Anyway, my dad is taking her on a cruise so there’s no way I could have topped that anyway.

Sam, you’re married to Morgan…. How is that working out for you? Did he spoil you this fine day?

Sam: [laughs] He got up with the baby in the middle of the night so I could sleep and he’s been sweet about making sure I get some me time. I had coffee on the back deck and fifteen whole minutes of silence. In a row! [squeezes Morgan’s knee] There also might have been a spa day for me to go with Sylvia before we have to go back to the city.

Morgan: And the rest.
Sam: Oh, yes. [shows off a necklace of her own] Grace’s name in her daddy’s handwriting, written in gold.

Sylvia, your life is like no other mom’s life. What is your hope for all your kids and grandkids? 

Sylvia: True, I don’t have to worry about them being physically hurt, which is a huge load off, but I still worry about the things every mother worries about. Are they happy, do they treat people well, are they well rounded human beings. I think in that regard, I’m pretty blessed. My boys grew up to be gentlemen. As for grandkids, I hope there are a bunch of them. [looks pointedly at Nate and Mitch]

Mitch: Whoa, hold on there, Mom. We’ve talked about this. Both Nate and I being reapers makes for a less stable home life. How would that be a good idea for a kid?

Sylvia: I’d be happy to babysit when you have to do a reap. I’d always have time for grandbabies.

Mitch: [smiling uncomfortably] We can talk about it later.

(Also for Sylvia) what would be your dream Mother’s Day…. Listen up all of you.

Sylvia: I already have it. [gestures expansively to the room at large] They’re all here with Charles and me. That’s all I need.

I’m curious…. I have to know this so I guess it’s a question for Charles and Sylvia. What were Mitch and Morgan like growing up?

Charles: Morgan has always been everybody’s buddy, from the family dog by to the entire football team at Caperville High. He was the social one, always busy, always with a load of friends to do something with.
Sadie: [thumps floor with her tail at the word “dog”]
Charles: Mitch was less social. Both are smart, but Mitch was the more academically minded of the two. He didn’t have a lot of friends hanging around, like Morgan did, but the one or two he did have, he was really loyal to. As far as I know, he’s still in touch with them, despite their moving away for college and jobs. [looks to Mitch for confirmation]

Mitch: Yeah, facebook friends, now.

Mitch and Nate. Will either of you ever have kids? Adopt or if Sam is feeling saucy perhaps she’d be a surrogate? 

Nate: [shifts uncomfortably]
Sam: [chuckles uncomfortably]
Morgan: [grumbles quietly] You aren’t getting that close to my wife.
Mitch: Mom would love a whole herd of them, but we aren’t there just yet. If we do, we’ll adopt. Not risking new reaper genes in the family. I struggled too much with being roped into the gig, and I don’t want to do that to a child.

For you Seekers. What was the most disastrous Mother’s Day you ever had, I somewhat feel Morgan would be responsible for its demise but I could be wrong.

Sylvia: Probably the time Charles instructed the boys to let me have a peaceful day, so they decided to go outside so the house would be quiet. They went to the creek on the neighbor’s property and Morgan pushed Mitch in. Which of course started a huge fight, so Mitch threw mud on Morgan’s shirt, and from there, they went for it. When they came back home, they were covered head to toe in mud and Mitch was crying. Morgan felt bad, so he tried to help Mitch clean up without me hearing anything and tracked mud from the back door through the Great Room and down the hall to the bathroom. I think that was what finally got Charles to agree to hardwood floors instead of carpet throughout the house.

Sylvia, you didn’t cook today right? Please tell me none of you cooked FOR her? 

Sylvia: Oh, Charles is handling all that. Morgan got a meat and cheese tray for sandwiches for lunch, and Charles is smoking a brisket for dinner. Sam and I haven’t had to do anything. Mitch has Grace and Nate’s been waiting on us hand and foot. It’s a good day.

Okay, let me wrap this up so you can all go and do the being grateful for your mom and stuff. So let me ask each of you this question.
I want to hear what you love most about Sylvia. Go on now… make it good too!

Charles: Her heart. It’s so big. And I don’t want to leave Sam out. She’s got a great sense of humor and is very smart.

Sam: Awww. [leans over to hug Charles]

Morgan: Not once has Mom ever made me feel like I couldn’t do something. She’s always believed in me. And Sam is my partner in crime, for nearly everything. [kisses Sam’s cheek] There’s no one like her.

Nate: Sylvia is the mom everyone wants when they’re old enough to recognize what makes a parent awesome. She’s made me a part of the family so quickly and easily, especially when I had trouble with my own, that I’ve never felt like I didn’t have a home. She’s awesome. Sam is a great sister-in-law. She’s everything I think Tate would have been if she’d gotten to see Mitch and I get married.

Mitch: You guys are such saps. [grinning despite the words]

Sylvia: [wiping eyes with a tissue] Mitchell, be nice.

Mitch: Mom’s the kind of person I aspire to be. [shifting Grace to a more comfortable position, and smiling at her] And Sam gave me the chance to be the cool uncle. I’d say the Seeker guys got the better end of the deal. Even if Mom spanked us because of the mud on the carpet.

Happy Mother’s Day Sylvia and Sam!

Sylvia: [too choked up to speak, nods]
Sam: Thank you, Meredith.

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HUGE thank you to AJ and her Seekers lol 
Wishing ALL you moms out there a Happy Mother's Day!

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