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TITLE: His Fallen Angel 

AUTHOR: Grein Murray 

COVER ARTIST: Kellie Dennis 

LENGTH: 156 Pages 

RELEASE DATE: April 1, 2016 


New Angels are created to protect mankind on Earth but the Fallen are making this task quite difficult. New Angel, Alexander, is assigned to a rapidly declining area to find out what the Fallen are up to—only he lands in the clutches of a beautiful, yet powerful, Fallen Angel. As help comes from an unlikely ally, Alexander isn’t sure if he should trust Roman or not—but what choice does he have? 


I made sure that I ate my ice cream as seductively as I could until it was gone. Roman tossed the rest of his cone into some nearby bushes. “Why’d you….” I didn’t finish. I was dragged off the trail and stopped when Roman abruptly came to a halt. He looked down at me with a playful grin. There, in front of me, was a cropping of fallen trees. Roman pushed me toward them, then he started removing my pants and hoodie.


I love Angel stories. It’s one of my favorite in the paranormal/ spirit genre. There’s something about them that just makes you feel the power behind the words and the world they are inhabiting. I was excited to read this book. The blurb sounded amazing and the cover is outstanding!

I loved the characters in this story. Alexander and Roman stole my heart and flew away with it. They were a powerhouse duo. Roman saves Alexander and in return Alexander saves him.
I adored the whole idea of this book. New angels, elders, the fallen! It was truly creative and Grein shows great creativity within the writing of this tale.

There was a downfall however. Not horrific but the writing was a bit of an issue for me. It was choppy at times and over narrated. There were moments in the story where dialog was somewhat stilted and it took away from the emotion of a scene. I have not read other works by Grein so I don’t know if this is the author’s style, so I cannot comment on that. If the narration flowed a little easier this book would be perfect.

That said, I was thoroughly entertained and thrust into this exciting world of good and bad angels.


When I'm not writing I like going to concerts. Music is a big part of my life, I've played bass guitar since I was a teen. I love nature and enjoy hiking and working with causes that help protect our planet and wild animals.

I have loved books all of my life and have always enjoyed escaping the ordinary world by getting lost in a good book. I read a lot of different genres of books but have fallen in love with MM. I support the gay community and hope one day people will see that love is love and that it is a beautiful thing no matter your gender, race or religion.

I am an avid animal lover and have quite a collection of pets in my home. I love ancient history and have studied Alexander the Great as well as Egypt and it's pharaohs. I also am very interested in angels and have researched them and will put that to use in future books.

I hope that my readers continue to fall in love with my characters and that my stories touch their lives and bring them happiness.

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