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Random Review: Escape (The Omega’s Alpha #2) by R. Phoenix #Review #Giveaway

Title: Escape
Series: The Omega's Alpha #2
Author: R. Phoenix
Self Published
Publication Date: September 12, 2019
Length: 206 pages

Reviewed by Truus


Omar expected his time in Salvus to be difficult, but he had no idea what was waiting for him there. His crash course in just what it means to be an alpha in the beta-run city has taught him that there’s no mercy for him… and his goal of rescuing his mate seems impossible — because now he’s the one who needs to escape.

But fleeing Salvus isn’t the only goal. Omar and Van’s tumultuous relationship has always kept them at odds, and even being mates hasn’t helped them to set aside their differences. Even if they escape, they might not be able to overcome the distance between them…


THIS story was one big rollercoaster of thrilling events, feelings all over, suspense everywhere and it had an amazing plot! I just read it in one sit, breathless.

Ahhhh! Van is still irritatingly compliant. Living with Nathaniel makes him crazy but he still doesn’t turn his back. Salvus is not the promised land Van hoped to find. It’s worse than he ever could imagine.

Salvus civilians have crazy rules. There are Betas ruling, Omegas breeding, and Alphas...? Just read it!
Nathaniel gave Van (and me) a constant whiplash with his different actions. As if he wants to be good for Van and on the other side, he is still from Salvus.

Omar failed to find, or if necessary free, Van. Instead, he is kept hostage by betas from Salvus.
No way to ever get free and unknowing what will happen to him. He only knows he’s hurt.

Then, there is light at the end of the tunnel. From an unexpected corner, he is finally free and Van is there. They find shelter at Jason and Chester’s place. Van and Omar, as mates together, were never simple and now Van has to confess something to Omar. He’s so afraid to tell him.
The rollercoaster isn’t over, there’s still a threat outside!

I had to look twice to like Van, he acted so stubborn and seemingly superficial, I didn’t like him instantly but along the way, I respected him more and more, and at the end with his decisions, I loved him even more! Omar seems the reasonable and empathetic one toward Van. Van can’t handle sweet; he thinks is annoying.

Both men were extremely stubborn, throughout the whole story and this stayed consistent. Greatly done!
The whole story was, viewed from all angles, original, all characters, main and secondary were extraordinary, just like the environments. This journey kept me constantly alert, anything could happen. I love it when a story does that!

It was a heart-stopping, freaking thrilling story! Also amazingly captivating. It was hot, steamy, full of suspense, quite angsty at times and thank goodness there was even some mild tenderness. The end? Was just what my romantic heart hoped for

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