Thursday, October 10, 2019

Random Review: Flash Rip by Keira Andrews #Review #Giveaway

Title: Flash Rip
Author: Keira Andrews
Self Published
Publication Date: September 19, 2019
Length: 348 pages

Reviewed by Erin


On Australia's hottest beach, the most dangerous current is between them.

Training to be a lifeguard is tough work, but Cody Grant loves a challenge. He spends long days in the sun and surf rescuing swimmers from treacherous rip currents while trying not to lust after senior lifeguard Liam Fox—who is deeply, painfully closeted.

Liam was supposed to be a football legend. Now in his mid-thirties, it’s been over a decade since his dream shattered along with his knee. Fans still recognize him regularly, and he's terrified his sexuality will be discovered and his conservative parents will reject him. He has strict rules to protect his secret and keeps everyone at arm’s length. Liam never acts on his need to surrender after being shamed for it years ago by the first and only man he trusted.

Out and proud Cody fascinates Liam—and tempts him to break all the rules.

Cody is practically half Liam's size and age, but has the confidence and compassion to take charge and give Liam the release, affection, and acceptance he desperately craves. But how long can a secret affair satisfy their hearts? As if saving lives isn’t hard enough, Cody faces his greatest challenge yet convincing Liam to trust him and find the courage to live out loud.

Flash Rip is a gay romance from Keira Andrews featuring a slow burn, an age gap, scorching first times, and of course a happy ending.


Keira Andrews has a way of pulling me into one of her books almost from the first page and taking me on an adventure I didn’t expect. This was the case while reading her new book, Flash Rip. In this book we’re taken to Australia and the world of surfing, lifeguarding, and beaches. The setting was just as much a part of the book as the main characters and I have to say, I am a fan! I loved all the surfing speak (even if I didn’t quite understand it all at first!) and the lifeguard aspect was exceptionally entertaining. If you’re a fan of age-gap, slow burn romance with some intense action scenes then Flash Rip is the book for you.

Liam is an ex-football star whose dream was cut short due to an injury. He’s now a lifeguard, and a damn good one, and has been for the past ten years. He’s also gay and been in the closet so long that he might never find his way out. Of course, fate has a different plan when young, out and proud, sex positive Cody appears. Smaller than Liam by a lot and half his age, Cody is everything Liam shouldn’t want, but does. Their relationship begins with a series of clandestine hook-ups but evolves into much more. For Liam he gets the release he so desperately needs and his need for Cody to take charge is something Cody is most eager to indulge. 

Cody was so easy to love. With his charm and wit and humor, he was a breath of fresh air. Liam really pulled on my heartstrings though. His internalized homophobia was very painful at times, but I also found it realistic and never over the top. His vulnerability was emotional and deep, and Keira handled this beautifully well. The romance between Cody and Liam is a slow burn at it’s best. Mildly kinky and very hot, each of their encounters only brought them closer together. 

Flash Rip is an emotional journey full of sexual exploration and coming to terms with your sexuality. Cody and Liam are so wonderful together and the book is a perfect balance of emotion and action. I thoroughly enjoyed Flash Rip from beginning to end and I highly recommend checking it out!


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