Monday, October 28, 2019

New Release Review: Chasing The Dream by Anne Marie James #Review #Giveaway

Title: Chasing The Dream
Author: Anne Marie James
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Publication Date: October 22, 2019
Length: 204 pages 

Reviewed by Jenn


When Lee meets his fantasy man, his shy nature makes him want to run. But what will he do when his dream guy won’t let him?

Saul Valencia. Tall? Check. Muscles? Check. Everything Lee Clark ever dreamed of in a man? Check. Bad case of nerves and feeling like an idiot whenever he’s around? Sigh. Check.

Being kicked out of the family home for being gay would have been bad enough, but Lee Clark also worked in his dad’s garage. Losing his family, his home and his job all in the same day left him floundering. He can’t believe his luck might be changing when he finds a job at Everyone’s Mechanic, another garage, where he’s accepted for who he is.

Then Saul, a former linebacker for the NFL Raleigh Raptors and a friend of Lee’s boss, walks into his life. The man is the embodiment of all his teenage fantasies, but Lee doesn’t dare hope Saul will ever actually notice him.

Intrigued from the start by the shy man now working for his business partner’s boyfriend, Saul struggles through bad advice and misunderstandings to convince Lee that he’s serious about wanting a chance with him. Getting Lee to give him a shot at romance was difficult enough, but when drama and blackmail from outside sources are added in, the relationship becomes almost impossible.

It will take the combined efforts of Lee’s garage family and Saul’s real one to set things right.

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Anne Marie James’s Chasing the Dream is such a great read! I really enjoyed this story and these characters; I look forward to seeing what this author does next.

Lee is a shy, talented mechanic and artist. He’s been kicked out of his home by his homophobic father and also loses his job working for his father. He is alone and finding his way in the world for the first time. A help wanted sign leads him to Everyone’s Mechanic. In this shop, Lee finds more than just employment, he finds a home, a new family, and maybe even love.

Saul Velencia is a retired NFL linebacker and teenage crush of Lee. Saul now owns a thriving business with the partner of Kirk, the owner of Everyone’s Mechanic. Saul is instantly captivated by Lee, his shyness, his talent, everything about him speaks to Saul. Recognizing that Lee is extremely shy, a bit awkward and someone special…Saul is in. He understands that Lee needs him to go slowly, he needs wooing and Saul is ready to win this special man’s heart. What neither man expects is someone from the past looking to cause trouble…dangerous trouble. Lee and Saul have the support of so many, especially the family they’ve built with the Everyone’s Mechanic group. With the kind of support Lee never could have imagined, we see just how strong he really is.

This is a first novel from this author for me, and I think she did an amazing job! Anne Marie James writes an interesting story with characters, both main and secondary that I cared about immediately. This book made me feel and I love that. We meet some wonderful people and are introduced to a chosen family that we would all be lucky to be part of. I really recommend giving this book a read, I think this author has a lot more to say and I can’t wait to see what’s coming. This doesn’t read like a first novel, there is such smooth storytelling and character building. So happy to have gotten a chance to read this one. Lee is special and he and Saul together had me cheering them on for a HEA!


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