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New Release Review: Power Players by Scudder James Jr. #Review #Giveaway

Title: Power Players
Author: Scudder James Jr.
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Brooke Albrecht
Publication Date: October 4, 2019
Length: 64 pages 

Reviewed by Racheal


Jeffrey knows the underbelly of Washington, DC, well. Once homeless, he’s now the director of a massive coalition of shelters. The last person he’s interested in meeting is wealth consultant Derek T. Hinsdale III, another slick-talking, privileged jerk. Jeffrey has had enough of those.

But Derek’s latest project could impact Jeffrey’s organization—with a multimillion-dollar gift awarded at a special dinner and ceremony. Jeffrey and Derek seem so different, but in their convictions, they find common ground, and the heat they call up in each other can’t be ignored. Can they salvage a disastrous evening and a painful reminder of Jeffrey’s past?

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In author Scudder James Jr’s release Power Players, the author’s focus lies within the area of D.C.’s poverty-stricken areas. The two main characters that provide assistance to these areas come at it from different aspects.

Jeffrey was born into poverty. His life was not as uncommon as most kids that lived in and around his neighborhood. Losing is mama at an early age to an illness and tragedy was left to be raised by and abusive drug addicted father. However, Jeffrey was lucky and was given what a lot of kids weren’t, a safe environment to live and the chance to succeed. So to say as an adult his views can be one sided at times could be putting it mildly.

The idea of his friends involving, what he assumes, is a white rich man’s money is quite bothersome to him. Just for the fact that him being white, at times it has been insinuated, that his life and work have come easily for him.

Derek was definitely not what Jeffrey had in mind and was mad that his friends lend him to believe his misconceptions. Not only was Derek not another rich snob, he was truly dedicated to giving back to the community and working hands on with people.

Both men working together on this projection to help their communities soon realize that they needed each other just not for money and social skills but because they finally found that one man that wanted forever with


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