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Saturday Author Spotlight: Jaclyn Quinn #Interview #Giveaway

It’s another fabulous Saturday Author Spotlight here on Diverse Reader and we have the lovely and amazing Jaclyn Quinn hanging out with us today. She’s the author of the Haven’s Cove Series and has already proven she has terrific talent. Today we will take a look at her books, do an interview, and wrap it all up with a giveaway! So grab your drink of choice and relax.

Hard To Let Go

Owen Richards lives a quiet life in his small hometown of Haven’s Cove. He has a rewarding life consisting of three very supportive—not to mention feisty—women, and a successful bakery that he owns and absolutely loves. Yet, Owen can’t seem to shake this emptiness inside or the intense feeling that something is missing. A sudden encounter with a man from his past, one he despises, turns his entire world upside down. When Owen finds himself attracted to that sexy man, he questions everything, including his sanity. After all, only an incredibly disturbed person would find that he can’t stop thinking about his high school bully. 

Brody Walker never expected to return to Haven’s Cove. He’s made a life for himself in Boston, where he can truly be the person he was always meant to be. But an unexpected call has Brody facing all the demons he’d left behind so long ago. Now, he’s faced with not only a difficult goodbye, but one long overdue apology to a man who is no longer that lanky kid from high school. The challenge is to convince the guy he’s changed—and also prove he’s worth taking a chance on. 

When passions ignite truths are exposed, changing the beliefs these men have held on to for years. Faced with the knowledge that things aren’t always what they seem, will they choose to hold on to the incredible thing they’ve found…or is it easier to give in to the fear and let go? 

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Hard To Get

Gabe D’Angelo has it all. Designer clothes, luxury cars, a cool confidence most would envy, and a never-ending supply of money—and men. When he arrived in Haven’s Cove to be there for his best friend, he never imagined he’d end up extending his stay indefinitely. Small town living isn’t so bad after all, and the views are magnificent—especially the view of a sexy, rugged blond. But when that mysterious, brooding man refuses all Gabe’s advances, he is forced to take a step back and truly look at the person he’s become.

Nate Black moved from Boston to Haven’s Cove for his family. He’s missed small town living and the simple, tranquil life that comes with it. What he doesn’t bargain for is the pushy, spoiled playboy who’s set his eyes on Nate as his next conquest. Knowing this man has the potential to crack the foundation of his quiet life, Nate will do everything he can to protect his safe, closed-off world.

Is one man worth loving? Is the other worth the sacrifice? Or is the love they’re searching for not just hard to get but completely out of reach?


Thank you, Jaclyn, for being here today to talk about your amazing books. It’s wonderful to have this opportunity to interrogate…err I mean interview you.

Let’s start with an easy one. What made you decide to go ahead and hit that publish button?

Honestly, it was after GRL where I met so many amazing people. I wrote these stories back in 2014 and held on to them because I was terrified of putting myself out there. After a lot…and I mean A LOT of revisions, and with the support of the people that I met at GRL, I finally realized now was the time. It was also with the support of those people that I was finally able to hit publish and see what happened.

You have two books in your Haven’s Cove Series: Hard to Let Go and Hard to Get. For someone who hasn’t read them tell them what they are about? Obviously without spoilers lol.

Hard to Let Go is a story of forgiveness. It’s an enemies-to-lovers story between Owen Richards and Brody Walker. Brody never thought he’d come back to Haven’s Cove, but returns for family reasons. It’s then that he realizes just how badly he’d hurt Owen in high school. Owen is in a relationship with an amazing man, but the two just aren’t in love anymore. When he runs into Brody, he’s faced with feelings he absolutely does not want for the man that made his life a living hell all those years ago. Both men have to let go of a lot of anger, resentment, and guilt. When Owen finally starts to do that, he realizes that things aren’t always what they seem and that Brody wasn’t without his own demons.
Hard to Get is also enemies-to-lovers, but focuses on trust. Gabe D’Angelo has made some bad choices in his life. He looks for some semblance of love in all the wrong places, but with his friends, whom he considers family, he loves fierce. Nate Black has been badly hurt in the past, and the last thing he wants is for Gabe to play games with him. Both men need to learn to open their hearts. For Gabe, he needs to not only have more respect for himself, but also learn to love himself the way that he is. Nate needs to learn not to judge a book by its cover, simply because he thinks he’s read that book before. When these men finally begin to see how amazing they can be together, the love they’ve both been searching for may finally be in reach.

I’m told they aren’t standalones so tell us, do you know how many books there will be in this series and will they all follow a large story arc?

The books, in theory, could be standalones, but I do a lot of character building from book one. I had originally written three in the series, Hard to Let Go, Hard to Get, and Hard to Hold. Now that I’ve developed the books more, I’ve added new characters that are practically yelling to have their stories be told. They may not be a part of Haven’s Cove, but there will definitely be connections to the men in Haven’s Cove.

Can you tell us what you’re currently working on or future projects?

Right now, I’m working on Jonah and Cameron’s book, Hard to Hold. I also have two more books in the planning stages, both with the focus on two of Jonah’s brothers. One is introduced in Hard to Get, and the other will be introduced in Hard to Hold.

Do you have any events, signings, or conventions you’ll be attending during the rest of 2018?

In October, I will be attending GRL, in Virginia, as a reader for the second time. I can’t wait! Hopefully, next year I’ll be able to go as an author.

Have you ever had writer’s block and if so what have you found to be helpful to break down that wall?

Absolutely! I have to get my mind off of it. Do something completely unrelated for a bit. If that doesn’t work, I also have amazing friends who are always willing to let me bounce ideas off them. Sometimes I just need someone else’s perspective.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I wish!
I’m not really a person who works well with long-term goals. It stresses me out. LOL I hope it includes writing full-time. We shall see!

How can readers follow your work? Twitter, Facebook, etc…

Fast Fire Questions

Cats or dogs? Allergies lol

Favorite alcoholic beverage? Wine

Coffee or tea? Coffee

Favorite color? Green

Favorite season? Summer

Plotter or pantser? A little planning, but mostly panster.

Thank you again for hanging out with me.

Thanks for having me!


Jaclyn will gift 2 people an ebook from her series. You can choose either Hard To Let Go and Hard To Get.
Contest will end on May 11th! Thanks!

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