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Random Review: Ben's Rainbow by Victoria Sue #Review #Giveaway

Author: Victoria Sue
Title: Ben's Rainbow
Series: Rainbow Key #3
Self Published
Publication date: April 29, 2018
Length: 242 pages

Reviewed by Meredith


Benedict Keeler was one of America’s most popular models. Hot body, hot career, and super-hot boyfriend, until a devastating house fire destroyed his face and his dreams. After being told all his life that a pretty face is the measure of his worth, he can’t face another rejection and runs from his lover, eventually hiding out on Rainbow Key.
Zachary Jones, a highly sought after photographer—even if he would rather shoot the homeless in Manhattan than a fashion spread—is now facing the real possibility that a genetic disease will render him blind and his days behind a camera may be over.
Two devastated men, one haunted by his past and one convinced he has no future. Will they both hide from the world, or will they give love, and each other, a second chance


I'm going to start off with the technical side of things. This is book three in Victoria Sue's Rainbow Key series. However, it can absolutely be read as a standalone. The author does an incredible job of intersecting important facts you need to know from previous books. I also love that if you have read the others you build on your already great emotional connections from past characters.

I have, in fact, read all the books in this series. Ben was one character who intrigued me from the very beginning. It's no secret he suffers from burns on one side of his face and down his shoulder. We learn how it happened in this, the impact it had and continues to have, and the repercussions of Ben running and hiding.

We also meet Zach. And talk about serendipitous. Him coming to Rainbow Key because of his own medical situation bringing him face to face with Ben, the love he thought he lost forever. It was so wonderful and I love second chance stories.

I loved how Ben and Zach's situations were what they were. In the blurb it tells you that Zach is suffering from possible blindness so it's no secret. Ben, who was a model once upon a time, lost his money maker so to speak. One can't see and one can see everything. It was a great contrast and added a lot to this story.

I adored Zach in every way. He was positively my favorite and I'd go so far as to say my favorite of the serious to date. Everything about him was truly remarkable. His strength, his power to persevere, his humanity. He had his bouts of depression but who wouldn't when you're losing one of your most valued senses and lost your heart too. His patience with Ben should make him a saint, seriously.

Ben. So, I wanted to love him so very much but I struggled. While I felt so much sympathy for what he'd been through in his life and when luck comes knocking making the once homeless hopeless man rich and famous just to have it taken away in a fire.... uhg! Not cool! I ached for all he'd been through. I did feel the connection between Zach and Ben easily. My problem with Ben was what he put Zach through even after they were okay. The last time really bothered me and I had a hard time getting beyond it. I found I didn't trust him and that made me a little sad.

All in all it's a marvelous series filled with creative plots, colorful characters, good balance of romance, angst, wonder, and excitement!


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