Sunday, May 6, 2018

Audiobook Review: How To Bang A Billionaire by Alexis Hall Narrated by Joel Leslie #Review #Giveaway

Author: Alexis Hall
Narrator: Joel Leslie
Title: How To Bang A Billionaire
Publisher:Hachette Audio
Publication Date: January 16, 2018
Length: 11 hours

Reviewed by Morningstar


Rules are made to be broken....
If England had yearbooks, I'd probably be "Arden St. Ives: Man Least Likely to Set the World on Fire." So far, I haven't. I've no idea what I'm doing at Oxford, no idea what I'm going to do next and, until a week ago, I had no idea who Caspian Hart was. Turns out, he's brilliant, beautiful...oh yeah, and a billionaire.
It's impossible not to be captivated by someone like that. But Caspian Hart makes his own rules. And he has a lot of them. About when I can be with him. What I can do with him. And when he'll be through with me.
I'm good at doing what I'm told in the bedroom. The rest of the time, not so much. And now that Caspian's shown me glimpses of the man behind the billionaire I know it's him I want. Not his wealth, not his status. Him. Except that might be the one thing he doesn't have the power to give me.


One thing I want to say is that if there is a character with an accent Joel Leslie hits that nail on the head every time!

This was my first book by Alexis Hall, and I was pleasantly surprised, but I really shouldn’t have been because people have been telling for a long time that he is an amazing writer. I loved Arden but then I’m typically drawn to the awkward characters; but add in his ability to go off on funny little mental tangents and flights of fancy, and I was in love. Although, one pet peeve was the long bouts of internally monologuing for my tastes and since it was all from Arden’s POV it became too much even in listening to the audiobook.

Caspian, on the other hand, was no Arden. He was a bit of an ass but one I liked and one that the author showed us with little glimpses of his true self that he might be a good guy under all that detached attitude and emotional push back. The thing is, Caspian is honest with Arden; he pulls no punches when it comes to what he’s willing to give. We don’t know much about his backstory by the end of this book, but I suspect the next book will show us more.

A positive in the story was that the author was excellent at giving crumbs to keep us engaged and wanting more. The characters were complex, exciting, and funny. The prose was magnificent and helped keep and pull attention along throughout the story. Some of the events that happened were confusing, but despite that, I was stuck and wrapped up in the story.

Joel Leslie was the icing on the cake for me. Or maybe he was the ingredients that helped pull this all together because his characterizations and voices and inflections were spot on and had me enveloped in this world.


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