Thursday, May 10, 2018

Random Review: Latigo by BA Tortuga #Review #Giveaway

Author: BA Tortuga
Title: Latigo 2nd edition
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Alexandria Corza
Publication Date: May 8, 2018
Length: 230 pages

Reviewed by Racheal


Being a hard-core rodeo cowboy means getting by with little money and less of a future. But for two hardscrabble rodeo riders, that might change….

Dean’s been around the rodeo circuit long enough to know when a new kid is down on his luck. Giving young Will a ride to the next event is just the neighborly thing to do, passing on some of the kindness strangers have shown him over the years. Who’d expect Will to be such good company? So good in fact, that Dean figures he might just keep Will around—especially since Will feels the same.

Traveling from rodeo to rodeo, enjoying all the fringe benefits they can, is a dream come true for Dean and Will. Troubles with Dean’s family and Will’s stubborn pride separate them for a while, but they always come back together when the chips are down. These two cowboys are a match made in heaven—now they just need to convince everyone else to let them live the life they love and find their future together.

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In BA Tortuga's Latigo, she takes you on a ride through the rodeo circuit in this May/December cowboy romance. I love reading these types of books because it's always nice reading a character that is in my age range. Don't get me wrong, I love hot and sexy younger men as well, but it's just as hot when reading about an older man.

Dean is the hot older man riding in the circuit that is going home for a while. His character was the one that I was attracted to from the beginning. 

Will is the younger one just starting out. Basically, a man trying to figure out where to plant his roots. 

When the two end up riding together after a competition, what started off as two strangers sharing a ride changed both their lives. 

I loved how these two characters came together. It was a story that I was able to get lost in while reading. Their love was so strong and made me, as the reader, believe that they could tackle all obstacles regardless of how hard that could come their way. The sexual chemistry between the two was off the charts! 

I was glad that I had the chance to read this book. 


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  1. I've started several books but haven't found the one I want to read at the moment....very frustrating :\

  2. I am reading "Two If By Bea," by Jacquelyn Mitchard.
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