Monday, May 28, 2018

TC Talks: My Next Release.... Book Release, Pervs ~Cover Reveal and #Giveaway

Hello everyone! Thank you for coming back to my small corner of the blog—especially after the last two pieces I penned. I’ve thought long and hard (insert dirty joke here) about what this week’s T.C. Talks might bring, and I shamelessly decided to promote myself.

You see, apart from being a bona fide bottom, video game enthusiast, and fried chicken lover, I also—on occasion—enjoy writing novels.

My last release was Campus Life; a choose-your-own-adventure, light-hearted college rom-com that ended in bukkakes aplenty and holes gaping. However, my latest project is the start of a new series: Straight Money | Boys with Billions #1

It’s contemporary. It’s gay-for-you. It’s billionaire bottom, former-child-actor (Fox) meets gruff, manly college-dropout (Ashton) fresh from his breakup.

There’s drama. There’s laughter. There’s tears. There’s something akin to prostitution going on—it’s a good time. Of course, most importantly, it’s a romance; it’s about two men, lost in their own way, coming together to make that sweet, sweet man love we all enjoy.

I’m currently aiming for a mid-June release, so please feel free to follow my author page to keep up to date with my goings on–

And before I skedaddle, I’ll leave you with an excerpt from the book. 
As always, thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings!


“Who’s meeting who?” Ashton reappeared, shoving Fox’s glass of water into his hands before resuming his position in the doorway.

Olivia lowered her head, blushing. She traded a few more lines with Ashton before excusing herself. However, just as she took her leave she said something that caught Fox’s attention—

“By the way, Mr. Shaw. I looked into those apartments within your price range and found someone willing to negotiate. Give me another week and I think you could have twice the space for fifty dollars less per month.”

Less? Fox looked to Ashton, his mind racing to conclusions. I’m paying him a generous wage. Why would he need to cut back? And now that I think about it, he jumped at the chance to drop his gym membership too…

Olivia said her goodbyes, leaving Fox to wallow in the mighty shadow she’d cast over his and Ashton’s time together, further emphasized by Ashton’s obvious excitement.

“She’s something,” the blond stated, smirking. “I know women aren’t your thing, but c’mon.”

It was the first time Ashton had acknowledged Fox’s sexuality, and it pushed him over the edge.

“Ashton.” Fox’s face drained of emotion. “I’m attending an event next weekend—the Blue and Black Masquerade. It’s a dull affair filled with duller people, but it’s for a good cause. However, the prude in charge of the seating insists that she can’t have an odd table, and if I don’t find myself a date, I won’t be allowed into the venue.”

Ashton appeared taken aback by Fox’s sudden transformation from carefree millennial to businessman.

“Okay… Are you asking me if I know any gay guys?” he replied.

“No.” Fox was blunt, cold, sharp. “I’m asking you to be my date for the evening.”

Ashton began to laugh, shaking his head and commenting how Fox had got him. However, that laughter soon faded when he reached the center of the room and turned to see Fox still staring at him; eyes locked on and with a face full of purpose.

“You’re shitting me?” he sighed. “Man, I’m not gay.”

Fox marched toward him. “Who said anything about being gay?”

“You’re asking me to be your date! I don’t do that with guys. I’m sorry, but no.”

A tension began to grow between the two, and it was clear Ashton wanted no part of it. He swiftly gathered his things and made for the door, mumbling to himself in frustration, but just as he reached for the handle…

“Ten-thousand!” Fox called out, bringing Ashton to a grinding halt.

“What?” Ashton turned his head over his shoulder. “What the hell do you mean?”

Fox shrugged. “I’ll pay you ten-thousand to be my date. In cash. On the night. We’ll enter through the back—no red carpet or paparazzi. And it’s a masquerade so everyone will be wearing masks. Then, when we get back into the limo, I’ll hand you the money.”

He could barely believe what he was saying, but Fox couldn’t help himself. He had finally found something—someone—that made his days seem a little bit brighter, and although it wasn’t fair to burden Ashton with that role…in that moment, Fox didn’t care.

A few seconds of silence later, Ashton’s lips parted, and the young celebrity braced himself.

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  1. Congrats on a nice cover, and thanks for the excerpt.I always enjoy a good tease.

  2. Congrats, love the cover! Reminds me of the Art Nouveau period. Keep up the addicting stories <3

  3. I still want to try Campus Life.

  4. Thank you for the excerpt! It sounds like fun read. Congrats on your upcoming new book!